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Rock engineering

AFRY’s services in rock engineering

Modern cities and communities are exerting pressure to find new space for urban life. As housing, businesses and people travelling on foot take over more and more of the available surface area, the city’s infrastructure is moving underground.

Tunnels for rail-bound traffic, roads under new urban districts and underground power lines in parks all enhance the quality of life in a city. For its residents, they make the city a more convenient and comfortable place to live.

Urban development is placing new demands on the security and safety of work on rock masses. Through careful inspection and monitoring, traffic in the subway system can be kept running while a new commuter train tunnel is built nearby. With the help of risk analysis and vibration measurements, the functionality of housing and other structures is ensured when road traffic is placed below ground. Tools like 3D modeling streamline procurement and planning for a water tunnel.

As the complexity and time constraints of projects increase, there is a greater need for total solutions. Wide-ranging expertise that encompasses many technical disciplines, including geology, rock mechanics, construction management and measurement technology, ensure a secure process for you as a client. With our high efficiency and innovative capacity, AFRY solves all types of rock engineering challenges.

Inženýr provádí měření v tunelu


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