Secure Site

Secure Site

Secure Site - A Comprehensive Approach to OT - Security

As cyber threats continue to evolve, industrial control systems are increasingly becoming a target for malicious attacks. Sustainable digitalization requires appropriate security investment and continuous production depends on a defendable infrastructure. That's why AFRY has developed Secure Site, an innovative approach to continuous safe and secure production in industrial control systems environments.

Our approach​

We understand that industrial sites have unique security challenges. AFRY's expertise goes beyond OT-security, providing customers with a holistic approach to securing their industrial control systems. Our deep competence in the manufacturing, process industry, and energy sectors ensures that each component of Secure Site is seamlessly integrated and optimally configured, resulting in a comprehensive and robust OT-security strategy.​

Enabling digitalization​

Secure Site is designed to not only reduce the risk of attacks but also enable digitalization and exploring new business models. By integrating OT-security with digitalization efforts, customers can leverage Secure Site as an enabler for increased innovation

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Customer Benefits

  • Increased security

    Secure Site provides a comprehensive approach to OT-security, ensuring that critical infrastructure is safeguarded against cyber threats.​​
  • Operational excellence

    With Secure Site, customers can achieve continuous safe and secure production in industrial control systems environments, leading to improved operational efficiency.​​
  • Reduced risk

    By implementing a comprehensive OT-security strategy, customers can reduce the risk of costly cyber attacks and avoid the reputational damage associated with data breaches.​​
  • Future-proofed solutions

    AFRY's Secure Site is designed to evolve with changing cyber threats, ensuring that customers are always protected and ready for the future.​​
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Secure Site Features

  • Visibility ​

Giving you the insight to detect and defend your infrastructure and production at an earlier stage by being able to see not only IT and Networking information but also OT and production data safely. This will also give you the advantage of predicting and preventing operational problems. ​

  • Multi-site ​

Secure site enables the businesses to use the same connected architecture safely over multiple sites while still being able to operate each site separately in Island mode. It also allows to take advantage of centrally managed services while still limiting the cross-site exposure. ​

  • Traceability ​

Having traceability is an important part of IEC 62 443 and NIS2 and for security as a whole. The secure site architecture will enable traceability suitable for environment where it is important to not only know who logged in where and when but also what they did and how while working with critical systems through remote access.​

  • Defence-in-depth ​

Makes sure that the critical security in OT does not depend on a single protection layer but being able to protect most or all layers without adding additional problem for the end user. Here we also provide the ability to break chained protocols to limit the spread of self spreading malware that uses specific protocols. ​

  • Secure remote access ​

Enables safe access to your infrastructure in a way that is secure and functional for both OT and IT without contaminating the operational functionality with most IT risks. This can also be used to isolate the users from the system credentials to minimize spread of the sensitive credentials, and the credentials will be stored in a safe key vault. ​

  • Secure architecture with Island mode functionality ​

This design makes it possible to use external resources while still enables it to run in Island mode to function if the connectivity to other sites or the internet is down if the systems supports it. ​

  • Safe data exchange ​

Using this model enables the safe exchange of data between the process, IT and external resources while helping to put clear security requirements on your suppliers and their implementations. ​

  • Verified products and systems that work in symbiosis ​

Using our preferred partners you will be using verified products that unlock additional potential by getting the combinatory effects of the shared data and intelligence shared between the different systems.

Secure Site approach
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Secure Site Capabilities

Our modular reference architecture provides the framework to plan, deploy and operate the security capabilities you require.

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