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Simulation of supply chain, production, warehouses and logistics.

We are specialists in simulation of supply chain, production, warehouses and logistics, with references and experience from client and projects in all major segments and industries.

Simulation is a computer-based method that enables analysis, visualization and optimization of complex real-world problems, solving them in a safe and efficient way.

By using simulation we may explore system characteristics, increase performance and reduce risk by enabling management to experiment with what-if scenarios in an early stage and without disturbing an existing operation or before investing in a new one.

It enables fact-based support for strategic decisions, investments and planning as well to solve more technical and operative challenges.

Simulation is a visual and pedagogic tool for creating cross functional understanding cooperation. The ability to model and analyze time critical events sets simulation modeling apart from other methods, such as those using Excel or linear programming.

Our Simulation Services include:  
  • Pilots and case studies
  • Modelling and analysis projects
  • Develop client specific simulation tools and user interfaces
  • Specialist for hire
  • Expert consultation
  • Methodology education
  • Software training
Pär Ström  - Business Unit Manager, Supply Chain Management
Pär Ström
Business Unit Manager, Supply Chain Management

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