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AFRY offers Welding Coordinator / Welding Manager as subscription

Today our Welding Coordinators and Welding Managers are stationed at companies in a variety of fields. From the paper and pulp industry through railway, piping and energy to smithing for constructionsites, as well as in aerospace applications.

We perform quality assurance and approval of work, and in general conduct supervision of welding for our clients.

AFRYs welding coordinators and welding managers are trained International Welding Technician (IWT) and / or International Welding Engineer (IWE)

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Part time Welding Manager

Regardless of type of business, filling a full-time Welding Coordinator or Welding Manager position may be challenging, whilst also maintaining the specialist´s skills.

This complicates any aim for keeping every competence within the organization.

The majority of AFRY’s subscribers had need of part time Welding Coordinator or Welding Manager

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Welding Coordinator / Welding Manager as a subscription, how does it work?

AFRY perform the quality assurance and approval as well as general conduct supervision of welding.

At a set monthly rate, we provide the Welding Coordinator / Welding Manager and the responsibilities therein. We are available for support when needed.

Together with the client we plan the supervisory work and keep track of structure and maintenance in your quality system.

For additional on-site visits and more comprehensive tasks, an hourly fee is charged for the consultant.

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There is a shortage of IWT and IWE competence. In Sweden today a maximum of 25-30 IWE (International Welding Engineer) or IWT (International Welding Technician) are educated annually. Regardless of type of business, filling a full-time Welding Coordinator or Welding Manager position may be challenging and make it complicated to keep the competence within the organization.

At AFRY we have almost 20 consultants that are IWE and or IWT certified

Consultants that have assignments with the responsibility as Welding Coordinator or Welding Manager at companies stretches through a wide range of business areas. We cover among others: pulp and paper, railway, piping, energy, contractors and aerospace applications.

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Lighten your burden of responsibilities

Whilst we take care of the responsibilities of a Welding Coordinator / Welding Manager for you, what will you focus on?

Subscription of Welding coordinator / Welding manager is a cost-efficient solution to many common challenges.

Clients often describes the solution, subscription of a Welding Coordinator / Welding Manager, as a really good cost-efficient solution to a troublesome problem.

Subscribing to the service Welding Coordinator / Welding Manager enabled time to focus on business development. Subscriber in the Pulp and paper industry

We have listed some common challenges and questions that our clients may face.

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"Our need is not enough to cover a full-time position!"

Regardless type of business, filling a full-time Welding Coordinator or Welding Manager position may be difficult, especially if you aim for the specialist to maintain their in practice welding skills. Keeping the IWT and IWE competence within the organization is a challenge.

Are you in need of a Welding Coordinator and Welding Manager, but don’t have enough tasks for a full-time position, then subscribing to the service of a Welding Coordinator and Welding Manager is a solution.

"Appointed Welding Coordinator and Welding Manager need to prioritize their specialist competence!"

The advantage of subscribing to the service of “Welding Coordinator and Welding Manager” is that we have the resources and gathered competence within the business to help you in all situations that might occur, no matter the issue.

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"The business is located in a different or multiple locations"

We have almost 20 consultants with IWE and IWT certifications, located at about ten offices from north to south of Sweden, ready to assist our clients.

In other words: there are always someone to consult when and where ever needed.

Please contact us with any questions

Fredrik Videll - Business Unit Manager, Quality Engineering

Fredrik Videll

Business Unit Manager, Quality Engineering

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Welding is, as most technical areas, full of different terms and concepts that are important when describing activities, roles and specific techniques.

A few examples on terms for competences and roles are: IWE, IWT, IWS and IWI.
Documents also have a central role in the welding process; WPQR, WPS, pWPS, Welding maps, Welding procedures, Certificates, Welding trials and Welding Licence are some examples.

Here in AFRY’s Weld-Wiki we have gathered a glossary of terms and concepts that we find significant for the language of Welding and Welding Management.

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What does a Welding manager do?

The Welding manager is the one in charge of the quality system and the procedures that the system is meant to uphold.

It’s the welding manager that creates WPQR, WPS and Welding maps in accordance with ISO 3834:2021 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

The Welding manager makes sure that welders have the appropriate certification and that they are valid. They are frequently making Quality controls of the welding to ensure that it is done in accordance with the routines in ISO 3834 and makes sure that all welding equipment is calibrated.


How to become a Welding manager?

You should be a welding engineer in order to be a welding manager. A welding manager may have a welding coordinator assisting them, but it is not unusual for the welding manager to lead and coordinate the welding work themselves.

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What is an IWE and how to become one?

IWE stands for International Welding Engineer.

To be an IWE, you need to take a degree in Engineering focused on Welding engineering. In Sweden most study at: KTH Royal Institute of Technology . You don’t need any practical experience of welding.

AFRY have a dozen consultants that are International Welding Engineers, IWE.

IWT - International Welding Technologist Arrow pointing right

What is IWT and how to become one?

IWT stands for International Welding Technologist.

To become an IWT you study at least one year of basic courses in mathematics and welding techniques. Most Welding Technologists have practical experience of welding before the studies.

IWS - International Welding Specialist Arrow pointing right

IWS stands for International Welding Specialist

a certificate of IWS can be obtained through an education of about 8 weeks of training. Welders with a few years of practical work experience often take these classes to develop and advance in their career.
As an IWS, you hare certified to perform specified tasks in accordance to ISO 3834 Welding.
An IWS regularly support IWE with everyday tasks.

We have a handful of consultants with IWS competences at AFRY.

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What is IWI and how to become one?

IWI stands for International Welding Inspector.

IWI is an additional certification to IWE, IWS and IWT which means that welding engineers, welding specialists and welding technicians can also be welding inspector.

When you are an IWI, it means you can supervise welders preforming work.

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What is the meaning of WPQR, how to create a WPQR and what is in a WPQR?

WPQR stands for Welding Procedure Qualification Record

WPQR is a document, created by an IWE, IWT or IWS and need to be reviewed and approved by a third party.

A third party that have the authority to review a WPQR is certified as International Welding Engineer, IWE.

WPQR serve as overall document and guide for the development of Welding Procedure Specifications WPS´s, which the welder uses to perform their work.


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What is a WPS, how to create a WPS and what is in a WPS?

WPS stands for Welding Procedure Specification. WPS may also be referred to as a Welding Data Sheet.

The WPS is based on a WPQR and is created by someone with adequate welding technology knowledge e.g. IWE.

A WPS contains information about machine settings and other important parameters that the welder needs, to perform their work.

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What is a Preliminary WPS and how to use?

Sometimes a company decides to issue a preliminary Welding Procedure Specification.

Motive varies, but often a tight time plan for the project is the main reason. This is partially due to the lack of certified resources in general.

The lead time for a third-party approval is basically weeks, they review the document, perform tests and inspect a welding sample. In the meantime, the company can decide to issue a pWPS and start with the welding work. one risk the company need to take into consideration is that all the work need to be redone.

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What is a Welding map and what is it used for?

The Welding Map is commonly used within the field of pressure vessel welding.

A Welding Map contains different welding procedure specifications, WPS’s, and can be described as an overall map of what needs welding and how.

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When is a Welding Licence and Welding Certificate needed?

Welding Licence is an old term that is no longer used, the Welding Licence was connected to the company, not a person such as the certificate and Welding Trial are. When PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) took effect in 2002 the term and connection to the company ceased to be used and was replaced by other requirements, for example welding trial and personal certification.

How long is a welding certificate valid?

An approved welding trial is valid for up to 3 years, as long as it is confirmed every sixth month by the welding manager or examinator that the welder is working within the valid area.

How to renew a Welding Certificate?

Renewal of the Certificate is done at the reviewing third party, in accordance with one of the following alternatives:

  1. Every third year, by a new Certification      
  2. Two years after Certification, hand in two weld samples for trial with x-ray, ultrasound or mechanical testing
  3. Confirm every sixth month that the welder is working for the same company that are responsible for manufacturing and that the company is verified in accordance with ISO 3834-2 or ISO 3834-3
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How long is an IW_X_ Diploma valid?

An IWS Diploma, IWE Diploma, IWT Diploma and IWI Diploma are proof that you have done training with approved theoretical and practical tests and they are valid for life.

Sometimes they are called: Certificate of Education, IWS-, IWE-, IWT- and IWI.