System safety analysis and management

Through system safety analysis and management, AFRY provides improved health and safety performance, reduced cost associated with accidents and incidents and improved competitiveness in the marketplace.

For industrial and military systems, safety is paramount. To mitigate hazards within a given technical system for its entire lifecycle, System Safety is applied, using a selection of engineering and management methods.

Conventional safety assessment methods such as preliminary hazard analysis (PHA), fault tree analysis (FTA), failure modes and effects criticality analysis (FMECA) and functional hazard analysis (FHA).

In addition to hazardous component failures, accidents can also be caused by unsafe interactions of system components, none of which may have failed. An example of modern software-intensive systems which are difficult evaluate by conventional methods are autonomous vehicles.

Our deep competence and long experience help you identify, assess and mitigate hazards by applying safety as an emergent system property, requiring the necessary control structure to be analysed.

With reduced costs, associated with accidents and incidents, comes improved competitiveness in the marketplace in addition to improved safety to health, property and environment.

AFRY can assist in safety analysis in line with the following:

  • The Swedish Armed Forces Handbook on System Safety (H SystSäk)
  • FMV, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration’s Handbooks on more specific applications of system safety, such as Software in Safety-Critical Applications, vehicles, electrical products and systems etc.
  • EU directives:
  • Machinery Product Regulation
  • EMC
  • LVD Directive
  • RoHS
  • ISO 26262
  • MIL-STD 882

AFRY works broadly within the safety analysis area, and has extensive experience in adjacent areas, such as Machine safety, rail safety, nuclear safety. These areas have many similarities and cooperation is done company wide.

We are developing within this area and are implementing the STAMP STPA methodology, to complement the System Engineering approach to safety assessments.

Our reference projects include safety work that is:

  • Providing analysis to defence sector suppliers, with focus on vehicles
  • Contributing within numerous projects within the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration
  • Spanning multiple domains
  • Using overlapping regulatory frameworks
Peter Sidenbladh - Section Manager System Lifecycle Solutions
Peter Sidenbladh
Section Manager System Lifecycle Solutions

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