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Test and Measurement Services

Versatile measurement services for industrial and energy production processes

AFRY offers a wide range of test and measurement services for processes within energy production and industry. We have offered versatile measurement services for over 50 years, which is why our expertise is relied upon globally.

For customers who need to verify the performance of their assets from a regulatory or a business perspective, we offer expertise in planning and executing measurement campaigns and interpreting the results. Our third-party reports can be used to determine reliable performance or settle potential guarantee disputes.

We offer our assistance within product testing and development for a variety of industries including boiler or engine manufacturing.

Condition monitoring measurements help to provide a reliable basis for revision planning and lifetime cost optimisation.

Tarastenjärven jätevoimala Tampere
Tarastenjärvi waste-to-energy plant

Reliable results through experience

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Internationally renowned, best in class services

AFRY’s modern and reliable measurement equipment, calculation tools and analytics, combined with a unique understanding of our customers’ processes produce best in class results.

Our services include:

  • accredited emission measurements
  • power plant performance guarantee tests
  • condition monitoring for boilers and turbine noise measurements
  • vibration measurements
  • wind energy measurements
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Decades of experience from a wide variety of power plant and process industry tests

We perform in excess of 150 projects around the globe, annually.

  • Guarantee Tests
  • Condition testing and analysis
  • PV testing
  • Noise Measurements

As we cater to such a wide array of customers, we serve a variety of plants as well as customers with ship power trains or needs for verification, condition monitoring or reliable design values.

Plants we service include CHP plants (bark, peat, biomass, WtE, HFO, LFO etc.) as well as steam and gas turbine, pulp, paper, pellets, cement and chemical plants, amongst others.

Discover and solve problems pro-actively, by making informed decisions on overhaul schedules, based on data and forecasting.

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Versatile measurement services for industrial and energy production processes

For emission measurements, our teams run a testing T062 laboratory (accreditation requirement SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025), which is accredited for flue and process gas measurements by FINAS, the Finnish Accreditation Service.

AFRY’s accredited reference methods encompass, for example, the following emission measurements:

  • particles
  • oxides of nitrogen and sulphur
  • carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
  • hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride
  • hydrocarbons
  • ammonia
  • PCDD/F and PCB compounds
  • mercury and metals
  • QAL-2 and AST measurements
  • oxygen and moisture content of flue gas and volume flow
Factory pipe polluting air, beside lake

    We also assess the following:

    • odorous sulphur compounds (both TRS and separate compounds)
    • chlorophenoles and PAH compounds
    • chlorine and chlorine dioxide
    • fine particles (PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10)
    • filterable and condensable particulate matter.

    Our expertise is, in addition, utilised in process optimisations,  combustion tests of new fuels, development of emission measurement systems and emission calculations.

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    AFRY has carried out over 200 projects for wind potential, wind farm follow-up and turbine power performance data in the past 20 years

    On-site wind measurements are carried out on-shore and off-shore following industry best practices and quality standards. (IEC 61400 12 1, Measnet)

    Wind measurements are performed once the preliminary analysis for the wind power project has been completed. As a rule of thumb, measurement campaigns last at least one full calendar year as a reliable production potential requires comprehensive and long-term measurement data.

    We offer wind measurements for any size and need ranging from met masts with heights from 100 to 200 metres, to state of the art SoDar and LiDar measurement units.

    All our mast installations feature calibrated and certified first class instruments, where AFRY will suggest reliable and bankable set-ups depending on mast and terrain layouts.

    wind farm turbines electricity

    Our wind measurements are always offered as a turn key solution

    AFRY will deal with every aspect of the measurement campaign including:

    • campaign planning
    • mast and equipment installation
    • commissioning and decommissioning
    • maintenance
    • permits
    • civil work
    • monitoring and reporting

    Our expertise in arctic areas provides the knowledge to assure high quality data regardless of the proposed location

    For wind farms already in operation, we can assist with:

    • power curve measurements
    • consulting services regarding operation and maintenance
    • performance guaranteee assessments

    In addition we'll be happy to help with early stage development planning, site assessments, wind analysis and energy yield assessments to complement any measurement campaign.

    Jonathan Sistonen
    Director, New Solutions Sales

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