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Test Center

We set the foundation for safer and more efficient product development

The energy, automotive and aerospace industries need function-related tests and specialists in simulation for the manufacturing divisions. The testing services provided by AFRY include test development, material testing and verification tests of electronics and mechanics. 

Our Test Center has a proven track record of testing and verifying the mechanical properties of components and subsystems in vehicles, machinery and equipment. We assist our clients in reaching a time and cost efficient production; We cut lead times while reducing the risk of unpleasant surprises and the need for reruns. Through our Test Center, we also provide on-site test engineers. 


Our offering:
  • Strength calculations & testing
  • Climate testing
  • Functionality testing i.e. Energy absorption, Durability testing, Vibration testing, Material analysis, Failure analysis
  • Field testing and load analysis
  • Design and manufacture of test equipment
  • Calculation and Analysis

Magnus Skärhem

Business Unit Manager, Test Center