Motorway traffic in the night

Traffic Management and ITS

Improving safety, traffic flow and service levels on our roads.

Traffic management systems – also known as ITS systems - improve safety, traffic flow and service levels on our roads.

AFRY has extensive expertise within traffic management systems used in tunnels, bridges and on motorways.

Our services cover temporary installations during the construction phase as well as permanent installations, and we manage the subsequent operation and maintenance of ITS systems as well.

To sustain safety and traffic flow on our roads, incident management and dynamic traffic management are both necessary.

AFRY has extensive experience of creating incident and traffic management plans, in close cooperation with road authorities, police and other emergency responders.

Example of our services:

  • Investigations and pre-studies
  • Traffic simulations
  • Planning and Design
  • Project administration
  • Cost control
  • Interface Management
  • Inspection and Supervision
  • Technical documentation
  • Risk analysis
  • Operation and maintenance

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Urban traffic management systems
  • Traffic signalling systems
  • Traffic control systems on motorways
  • Bridge and tunnel control systems
  • Parking systems
  • Tolling and road pricing
  • Small scale ITS applications such as school warning systems
  • Bus priority schemes
  • Incident management
  • Traffic operations management