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User Manual in accordance with ISO 20607:2019

Complete service package for user manual according to ISO 20607:2019

The service package is developed to include everything you need to produce a user manual in accordance with the new standard Safety of machinery, Instruction handbook, General drafting principles (ISO 20607:2019) and with the intention of enable immediate start of producing the instruction handbook.

Designed to enable new users to get started right away

The package includes an on-line web education covering the web service, as well as a small consultancy effort at the set up. Subsequently, a Zert CLM subscription begins with ready-made templates for writing user manuals. Most clients then get started directly with the writing and start producing content.

We believe that our customers prefer to devote themselves to essentials in everyday life. AFRY wants to challenge old inefficient working methods, often including repetitive tasks, and replace them with smart automated solutions.

This is included in the service package:

  • Subscription to AFRY Zert CLM
  • Ready-Made Templates
  • Safe storing
  • Translation
  • ReUse of content
  • Collected Process
Zert CLM ISO206072019 Service package

Subscription to AFRY Zert CLM

CLM offers an intuitive authoring environment that makes it easy to collaborate. The system helps you maximize reuse by providing instant access to reusable segments. During writing, the tool helps with spelling, terminology and following the guidelines defined by your company.

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Ready Made Templates

With ready-made style, layout and format templates there is everything you need to be able to produce quality material. Without having to spend a lot of time on layout, you can focus on what is important, the content.


Safe Storing

The strong quality assurance gives you complete control and security, especially when translating. Recovering past releases and / or selectively impacting key changes are features that make you effective.

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CLM helps you to manage the translation process and dramatically reduce costs by increasing the degree of reuse in both translation and layout.

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Reuse of content

Reuse is possible at every level of information down to the smallest detail. All information is stored and translated on a single occasion, but can be used in an unlimited number of publications. The automatic linguistic search feature helps you find and reuse material in real time.

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Collected process

CLM brings together the entire process from information editing to publishing, in one tool.

Everything you need to work efficiently is in the program, the only thing you need to add is what you know best: the information about the product.

Markus Astergren - Section Manager Zert
Markus Astergren
Section Manager Zert

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