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Water stewardship

Sustainable Business and Societal Impact

At AFRY, we help our clients promote water stewardship and create sustainable business through it.

Water is directly connected to life, climate change, biodiversity, human rights, and security, making it an essential part of a company's social acceptability. Developing water stewardship opens up new opportunities for businesses.

Water stewardship refers to the use and management of water resources in a way that is socially and culturally equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically viable, with practices developed in collaboration with stakeholders. Water stewardship covers both the companies' own operations and their supply and value chains (Alliance for Water Stewardship).

We encourage companies to identify the water risks and opportunities in their value and supply chains, ensure water stewardship in their operations, and develop sustainable water use and management in collaboration with stakeholders. We offer expert services to help companies develop their water stewardship approach in all sectors, both private and public.

We assist our clients in identifying and optimizing the necessary measures at both strategic and operational levels. The scope and content of our water stewardship services varies depending on the organization and sector, as we always tailor our services to meet the client's needs and objectives.

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Strategic Water Stewardship Services

Water stewardship can serve as a means for comprehensive and holistic risk management. It supports business continuity, streamlines processes, creates cost savings, and strengthens the strategic approach to sustainability issues. Additionally, it provides a natural way to contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

AFRY offers a wide range of expert services to promote water stewardship. We assist our clients in strategic planning related to sustainable water use and management from various perspectives, ensuring that water stewardship becomes an integrated part of business operations and value creation.

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Review of Current State and Gap Analyses: We help our clients determine their current state in terms of responsible water use and management. This serves as the foundation for water stewardship efforts, producing information and content for the promotion of water stewardship. In a gap analysis, the current operations and situation are compared to the desired state (e.g., reporting requirements or company’s strategic goals) to identify where things stand, and what areas need focus and investments moving forward.

Identification, Assessment, and Management of Water Risks: We assist our clients in identifying water risks within their operations as well as in their value and supply chains. This helps in preparing for risks and mitigating their impacts. Water-related risks can include physical, technological, regulatory, or social risks, all of which also affect financial profitability. Following this, strategies can be developed to reduce and manage these risks.

Strategic Planning for Water Stewardship: We help our clients in developing long-term strategies and roadmaps to improve water stewardship. This may include setting goals, defining metrics, and drafting action plans.

Stakeholder Collaboration: AFRY can assist organizations in building collaboration with stakeholders such as authorities, other businesses, NGOs, and actors within their own value/supply chain. Through collaboration, water stewardship can be promoted on a larger scale and more impactful results can be achieved.

Training and Awareness Raising: We organize training sessions and workshops where client’s personnel gain knowledge about water stewardship and understanding of the significance of their own actions in a broader context. This helps increase awareness and commitment to water stewardship and shared goals.

Water Stewardship Reporting: We can assist organizations in preparing water stewardship reports covering water usage, achieved objectives, and suggestions for improvement.

Climate Services 
AFRY offers climate services that include the assessment of carbon footprint and handprint, life cycle assessments, and the management of and adaptation to physical climate risks. Through these services, clients can promote their sustainable water use and management.

AFRY is committed to the Water Action Agenda and the development of water stewardship

A goal has been set for Finnish companies to become world leaders in water stewardship by 2030. A group of Finnish expert organizations has committed to working towards this goal as part of the Water Action Agenda announced at the UN Water Conference on March 22-24, 2023. AFRY is involved in this important work.

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Water is essential for all life. It is a shared, critical resource that’s directly linked to climate change, biodiversity and human rights. Water is also required in all industries and businesses – the importance of water in global value chains is ever-increasing. The world's population is expected to increase by two billion by 2050, and approximately half will live in water-stressed regions.
Minna Pirilä - Head of Strategic Business Development
Minna Pirilä
Head of Strategic Business Development

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