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Sofia Helin

"I find it rewarding to build a team where each member contributes effectively, understands their role, and shares a common commitment to our objectives"

Sofia has extensive experience in project management, assuming various roles. However, one consistent trait that remains is her ability to see areas for improvement and foster strong team commitment.

Why did you choose AFRY?

- After six years working as a Development Manager at a technology company specialised in railway solutions, I felt it was time for a new challenge. Drawing from my previous experiences, I recognised that a career in consultancy, with its dynamic nature and constant change, aligns with my preferences. A positive impression of AFRY as a company as well as my manager reinforced my decision.



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What is your assignment today?

- For some time now, I have been on an internal assignment focused on developing AFRYs global sales and project model. My role entails continuous work on education, support, and communication related to our global sales tool. Simultaneously, I train our employees in project management, both at the fundamental and advanced levels. Additionally, I serve as a project leader in an implementation initiative for a new IT tool associated with agreement management.

What is the most fun about project management and leadership?

-I find satisfaction in helping people and witnessing them achieve things they once thought were beyond their reach! I strive to create an environment of clarity and excellence for employees and project team members where they can truly shine. My goal is to support individuals in their development, challenge them, and help them feel confident, and free from insecurity and stress.  

How are you as a leader and what attracted you to a leadership position?

- I thrive when I can tackle multifaceted challenges and have a passion for enhancing processes and driving positive change. At the beginning of my career, I was a technical expert who supported others. This gradually evolved into taking leadership roles in technical environments, where I drew up guidelines and set the architecture.

As a developer, I loved programming, yet I found myself irresistibly drawn to larger endeavours. I began by taking on tasks such as leading a competence group, aiding the development of innovative processes and IT systems, and contributing to sales initiatives. It was within these endeavours my journey as project manager and a manager started.


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Can you give any advice to other managers or project managers?

- In my opinion, a leader should be open and honest, qualities that have developed and strengthened as I have grown more confident in my role. A piece of advice I offer is to consistently be true to yourself, as doing so not only facilitates your own authenticity but also encourages team members to do the same.

Understanding oneself is crucial to effective situational leadership. When necessary, I provide specific instructions, but willingly delegate both responsibility and authority to senior team members.      


Any more general tips?

Embrace curiosity and do not hesitate to ask! As someone who values curiosity, I am unafraid to seek answers. When I am unsure about something, it is often a sign that others may also require clarification, making it essential to address and resolve. As I said, I think it is rewarding when you manage to build a team, where each member contributes with their strengths effectively, understands their specific role, and shares a common commitment to our objectives.


What do you do when you are not working?

I live with my two children in Hammarby Sjöstad, in Stockholm city. I like to exercise and do outdoor activities in the beauty of nature. In 2021, I embarked on a personal challenge by attending the Stockholm Marathon – it proved to be quite a test, yet it was very enjoyable! Beyond my love for being active, I have a keen interest in travelling, especially together with my children, and engaging in various fun activities.”  



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