AFRY's Youth Panel

AFRY Youth Panel – driving sustainability from a youth perspective

The Youth Panel is a communication platform and a space for collaboration, where all employees aged 30 or younger are welcome. The purpose of gathering young employees at AFRY is to enable youth empowerment and a forum where the young generation can speak up.

In this age group, sustainability is more likely to be top-of-mind as well as integrated in everything they do. We believe they play an important role in terms of challenging the organisation towards reaching our long-term targets – targets that will influence their entire careers. Reaching long-term targets requires short-term actions, which is why the Youth Panel is an action-oriented initiative encouraging brave decisions.

First year of AFRY's Youth Panel

AFRY’s Youth Panel is a forum where young employees can discuss topics related to sustainability, and initiate their own sustainability projects. The initiative was launched during 2021 and since then the Youth Panel has arranged an internal kick-off event with CEO Jonas Gustavsson and former Head of Sustainability Marie Trogstam, and participated in COP26 together with Business Sweden. They have also conducted a survey among all employees up to 30, exploring their prioritized sustainability actions within and outside of AFRY, and contributed to AFRY's 1.5°C Roadmap and the magazine Sustainable Stories.

Youth panel with Marie Trogstam and Jonas Gustavsson
In a live broadcast for all employees, AFRY's CEO Jonas Gustavsson and former Head of Sustainability Marie Trogstam discuss topics raised in the Youth Panel survey together with Karin Andersson and Mario Rudner from the project team.

Yearly plan and process

The vision for the Youth Panel is to have a project team managing the administration and the overall yearly plan, and a wider team that can initiate and drive local projects and activities. The plan is to replace the project team each year, similar to a board that comes and goes. The ambition is to conduct the Youth Panel survey each year, and to have a yearly meeting with AFRY’s CEO and Head of Sustainability to inform them on completed and planned actions, as well as present messages conveyed by the Youth Panel members.

AFRY's Youth Panel at COP26

AFRY's Youth Panel participated in COP26 together with Business Sweden, discussing the youth perspective on sustainability. Watch the recording of the event here.


If you have any questions or ideas or just want to know more, feel free to reach out to AFRY's Youth Panel by email.