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AMOS Reliability Capabilities’


From: 09-June-2020 09:30 CEST To: 09-June-2020 10:00 CEST

Aviation & Transport Advisory at AFRY will be hosting a series of webinars addressing different topics concerning the Aviation sector. The first episode will address the AMOS Reliability Capabilities’.

Due to current COVID-19 situation many airlines are being driven to seek new initiatives to reduce cost and to create a sustainable business model for the future of air travel. For an airlines’ Technical Department (Part-M & Part-145) this action among other initiatives can be explored to utilize AMOS reliability modules in new way, helping to reduce cost related to e.g. unscheduled downtime and to create a better detailed understanding of your fleets’ health situation. 
This 30-minute, free of charge, webinar will help you to explore the existing reliability modules in AMOS and help you to better understand how your organization must adapt to new ways of working to allow the full added value that AMOS can provide. During the Webinar there will be an opening for Q&As that will be summarized at the end of the webinar

Register your interest on the link below and we will send out an invitation to the digital lecture. Registration is not binding and the webinar is free of charge.


Henrik Fjeld

Head of Aviation & Transport Advisory
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