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Establishing the EU hydrogen backbone – Piccolo or Melchizedek?



Hydrogen demand – known in the industry as the champagne of the energy transition – needs infrastructure to serve it. But will we see only small, local hydrogen infrastructure – a Champagne Piccolo, or will we see a truly pan-European hydrogen backbone with hydrogen being the primary energy commodity – a Champagne Melchizedek?

Agora Energiewende has recently published a report commissioned from AFRY Management Consulting examining the role of hydrogen infrastructure in decarbonising European industry.

In this webinar, Angus Paxton and Stefano Andreola introduce the background to the report, outline the analysis and assumptions made, and discuss the next steps that are required to really understand the hydrogen delivery system that Europe needs. They are joined by Dr. Matthias Deutsch from Agora Energiewende, who provides his take on the study and the impact it has had.

The slide pack and recording are below.

Close-up of Champagne glass

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