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A storm gathering? The future of energy markets and long-term contracts


From: 18-June-2020 To: 18-June-2020

In a webinar on 18 June 2020, AFRY and Clifford Chance discussed the future of energy markets: what changes are likely, and what impact they could have on long-term contracts.

AFRY’s experts first presented the current economic outlook for commodity markets, with Antonio Michelon presenting analysis from gas markets and James Cox exploring the power market outlook.

Moritz Keller and Sebastian Rakob, both from Clifford Chance’s leading international arbitration practice, then looked at what these potential market developments may mean for projects and long-term contracts in the gas and power world. As these developments will likely cause friction, they provided insights as to how arbitral tribunals will decide disputes regarding energy projects and long-term contracts.

The session was moderated by Matthias Laue of AFRY.

Financial graph on screen

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Matthias Laue

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Director, AFRY Management Consulting

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