MCD AFRYxSimosol webinar series

AFRY + Simosol: Wood Supply Chain


From: 13-April-2021 To: 13-April-2021

From carbon sinks to wood in construction, forests are a renewable resource that provides solutions to current climate challenges. Advanced forest asset management is a defining factor towards mitigation of climate change, with digital enablers and operational efficiency presenting significant opportunities that benefit the environment, society and businesses.

To optimise a wood supply chain, one needs to have real-time visibility of the harvesting and transport operations.

In our fourth Smart Forestry webinar on 13th April, our hosts Jani Kaskinen of AFRY Management Consulting and Jussi Rasinmäki of Simosol are accompanied by M.Sc. Daniel Meneses. Daniel is one of Simosol’s Product owners and has extensive experience in industrial embedded systems and IoT.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how to track machinery with IoT and how to add value to the captured data. This includes building a feedback loop to improve machine and operator performance and optimising work schedules to minimise operational costs.

In the webinar we will focus on the following topics:

  • From the forest to the mills - How to ensure an efficient supply chain
  • Transparency as the basis of sustainable wood sourcing
  • Real-time tracking providing data for continuous improvement
  • How to maximize the productivity of harvesting fleet to minimize operational costs

Subsequent webinars will deep dive into new ways of thinking and enabling digital inventory for better planning and optimization and further enhancements in the process to maximize asset value and optimize the surrounding supply chain.

MCD AFRY x Simosol Webinar Part IV
MCD Wood Supply Chain