MCD AFRYxSimosol webinar series

AFRY X Simosol: Carbon & Diversity



Incorporating multiple objectives and value matrices

From carbon sinks to wood in construction, forests are a renewable resource that provide solutions to current climate challenges. Advanced forest asset management is a defining factor towards mitigation of climate change, with digital enablers and operational efficiency presenting significant opportunities that benefit the environment, society and businesses.

In the final part of our Smart Forestry webinar series on 20th May we will focus on multi-objective forest management planning. Incorporating carbon, biodiversity, and other factors such as recreational value is necessary, not only to ensure sustainability but also to provide business opportunities as new market mechanisms arise. In the webinar we will discuss the current challenges and opportunities of multi-objective forestry and present practical approaches for implementation.

Our hosts Jani Kaskinen of AFRY Management Consulting and Jussi Rasinmäki of Simosol are accompanied by Ms. Victoria Poljatschenko, who is a Forest Carbon Expert at Simosol.

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