AFRY x Simosol Webinars

AFRY x Simosol: Precision Forestry


From: 20-January-2021 To: 20-January-2021

From carbon sinks to wood in construction, forests are a renewable resource that provides solutions to current climate challenges. Advanced forest asset management is a defining factor towards mitigation of climate change, with digital enablers and operational efficiency presenting significant opportunities that benefit the environment, society and businesses.

In this webinar, Jani Kaskinen of AFRY Management Consulting and Jussi Rasinmäki of Simosol discuss the big picture across drivers and technologies that enable advanced forest asset management and shed light on the benefits of precision forestry as well as on common challenges to achieve accuracy.

AFRY x Simosol  Webinar I
AFRY X Simosol Webinar Part I

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