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AFRY X Simosol: Simulation and Optimisation with Tree-level Data


From: 11-March-2021 To: 11-March-2021

From carbon sinks to wood in construction, forests are a renewable resource that provide solutions to current climate challenges. Advanced forest asset management is a defining factor towards the mitigation of climate change, with digital enablers and operational efficiency presenting significant opportunities that benefit the environment, society and businesses.

In the third webinar in this series, our hosts Jani Kaskinen of AFRY Management Consulting and Jussi Rasinmäki of Simosol are joined by Dr Antti Mäkinen, COO of Simosol. Antti has extensive experience in developing advanced simulation and optimisation solutions for forestry planning.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

•   How to build reliable growth and yield models for simulation
•   Big-data enabling continuous improvement of models
•   The varying concept of optimisation
•   From strategic level planning to geospatial optimisation of operations

Subsequent webinars will deep dive into new ways of thinking and enabling digital inventory for better planning and optimisation and further enhancements in the process that maximise asset value and optimise the surrounding supply chain.

Thursday 11th March 2021
15:00-15:50 EET

AFRY Simoso Part III
simulation and Optimisation

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