High voltage electric line with the sun

Climate change and the power sector: quantifying the impact


From: 20-August-2020 To: 20-August-2020

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our generation and will have a massive effect on the power sector.

The power sector is exposed to climate change directly, due to its reliance on existing weather and climate patterns. However the power sector is also affected by climate change indirectly, because governments’ approaches to decarbonisation may make some generation technologies more favourable than others. Understanding these risks is key to securing profitable business in future.

In this webinar, AFRY discuss how climate change will impact European power markets to 2050, specifically:

  • the changes in regional weather patterns;
  • the effect on demand and generation; and
  • the impact on power prices, revenues and profitability.

The slide pack and recording are available below.

High voltage electric line with the sun

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