Wind turbine in Spanish mountains

Decarbonisation in Spain: towards cheaper energy bills and higher investments



In the EU and countries such as Spain and Great Britain with ambitions in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, the energy sector will require fast and sustained changes at scale. In 2020, AFRY and Iberdrola released a joint report identifying the key factors for the decarbonisation of the European energy sector by 2050. The report concludes that electrification of transport and residential heating and a mix of energies are needed to allow the decarbonisation of industry. The report was complemented by an update study in April 2021, focusing on the final energy costs and the investments corresponding to the decarbonisation in Spain. Our joint modelling and research reveals how this will lead to massive investments, particularly in the electrification of transport and buildings, yet also lower the final energy costs for individuals and businesses. Moreover, future investments in the energy sector will transition from the high expenses and low investments model of today towards a high investments and low expenses model.

In this webinar, Francisco Laverón, Head of Prospective Energy at Iberdrola, and Dorian de Kermadec, Senior Principal at AFRY Management Consulting, present the main findings of the study, and provide comments in the case of Spain and on the results of the 2021 update.

The slide pack and recording are below.

Wind turbine in Spanish mountains

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