Nuclear power station with two steaming cooling towers in blue sky.

The future of nuclear in energy and transport systems


28-January-2021 / 28-January-2021

To prevent a climate crisis and halt the human contribution to global warming, there is a need to decarbonise all major industries – including energy, heat production and transportation. Low-carbon solutions are also needed for the ever increasing energy demands associated with growing populations, shifting societal behaviours and evolving cultural expectations.

Nuclear is a proven source of firm, emissions-free power that can contribute significantly towards decarbonisation goals and future energy needs. Nuclear’s contribution will include large-scale traditional electricity production, the deployment of Small Modular Reactor and Advanced Modular Reactor technologies, and other new innovative solutions to address challenges in energy, heating, transport and industry.

In this webinar, Phil Hodges and Simon Wakter will present AFRY’s position on nuclear and the role it will play in future energy and transport systems, including: 

  • the challenges faced by future energy and transport systems;
  • the benefits of nuclear;
  • the obstacles to nuclear’s development;
  • international developments relating to nuclear; and
  • the way forward for nuclear.

Thursday 28 January 2021
15:00-15:45 CET

Nuclear power station with two steaming cooling towers in blue sky.

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Phil Hodges

Business Unit Manager, Nuclear, UK

Simon Wakter

Technical Consultant, Nuclear Sweden
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