LNG tanker - sunrise over the sea gas terminal

Where are gas prices heading?


From: 10-June-2020 To: 10-June-2020

Lockdown measures have had a tremendous impact on the global economy, and gas markets have been no exception. Falling demand and initially sustained LNG flows have put downward pressure on prices, which are at the unprecedented level of around 4 €/MWh or 1.3 $/mmBtu in Europe. But where are gas prices heading now?

On 10 June 2020, our senior experts for gas markets across the world led a webinar to help identify the key variables determining the future of gas prices.

Antonio Michelon (Europe), Claire Behrens (USA) and Neil Semple (Asia) discussed:

  • the impact of COVID-19 on the demand and supply balance in Europe, the USA and Asia;
  • the developments and delays in new liquefaction capacity;
  • gas storage dynamics in Europe;
  • the short run marginal cost of gas production and the LNG chain; and
  • what this all means for oil-linked and gas hub prices, and the relationship between them.

The recording and slide pack are available below.

LNG tanker - sunrise over gas terminal

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Antonio Michelon - Director, AFRY Management Consulting

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Director, AFRY Management Consulting

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