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Operational efficiency and digitalisation in the energy sector


22-October-2020 / 22-October-2020

Digitalisation has become the most significant driving force in operational efficiency as it can simultaneously improve flexibility, quality and efficiency. Within the energy sector, digitalisation can minimise operational stops by taking into account all connected systems, thereby reducing risk to both greenfield and brownfield projects.

While demand for digitalisation’s benefits is increasing across all sectors, the ability to adapt varies widely from sector to sector due to differing environmental and financial requirements. Therefore to make effective operation efficiencies, all organisations need:

  • trustworthy analyses of complex operations;
  • the ability to make supply and demand changes; and
  • high quality results from planned and ongoing projects.

AFRY Real Digital Twin is an iterative model which improves organisations’ operational efficiency by creating, introducing and testing new digital functions.

In this webinar, Andreas Buhlin and Peter K. Andersson will present how AFRY Real Digital Twin is used in case studies from district heating plants, water treatment facilities and nuclear power plants.

Thursday 22 October 2020
16:00-17:00 CET

engineer hand digital tablet

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Andreas Buhlin

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Business Developer
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