Ice block breaking off iceberg into deep blue ocean

How much of the excess heat from global warming ends up in the oceans?

When we recently polled the general public on this question, people scored pretty badly - only three percent of people tested in Denmark got the correct answer. Do you think you know the right answer?

Clean Energy

Our commitment to accelerating the energy transition. AFRY has supported the transition to low carbon, clean energy power sources, and energy efficiency since the early 1990s.

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AFRY Future Cities survey 2021

Future Cities Survey: Majority of young Europeans want to live in small cities

To understand how the pandemic has affected young people’s views on their future and where to live, AFRY conducted a survey among young adults in seven European countries. The results suggest that the pandemic has had an effect on young adults preferences.

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Welcome to AFRY X – a digital leader and powerhouse in industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, design and cyber security.

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