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AFRY Future Stars programme in Finland

AFRY Future Stars programme in Finland

At AFRY, you are not given just boring routine tasks – the Stars are solving real client problems, supported by our experienced experts.

Are you a student looking for an internship? The one-year AFRY Future Stars programme consists of work tasks supporting your studies, as well as Training Days, which help you plan your career path and develop your skills. During the programme, you can also negotiate about a possibility to write your thesis for us. The Future Stars will be employed in AFRY offices all around Finland. We have positions mainly for students of engineering and natural sciences.

Following themes will be discussed in the Training Days:

  • Business at AFRY + Working in consulting
  • Recognize your potential + Career planning
  • Sustainability + Brave leadership
  • Presentation + Facilitation skills

In addition to Training Days, AFRY Future Star will be given some tasks where one can reflect the learnt lessons and deepen the understanding of discussed topics.

Each Star gets their own AFRY tutor, additionally supported by a wide group of top experts from various fields. The tasks and content of the programme will be defined for each Star based on their individual situation, skills and interests.

Listen to the info session recorded in November 2022.

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Job openings

Check the AFRY Future Stars positions for next year!
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Case excursion to AFRY

Would you like to know more about career opportunities in management consulting at AFRY? We welcome you to the case excursion in February, 2023!


Typical week of an AFRY Future Star Arrow pointing right
Weekly schedule of an AFRY Future Star
Example of a weekly schedule of an AFRY Future Star, Tuomas Leidén
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How to combine studies and work?

Trainee programme includes four training days and the first of them will be held during summer so that most of the trainees are able to join and will get to know with each other.

Combining work and studies is always challenging and we are aware of that. That is why we want to highlight the importance of well-being of our Future Stars. We prioritize Star's graduation and will not want to postpone it. That is why weekly hours are open for discussion and Stars are able to participate AFRY's working life in a flexible way. Please, have a look at Tuomas' weekly schedule he gave us as an example of how to combine his work and studies in the weekly basis.

How many hours will this programme require weekly?

Each Star will have an individual plan about weekly working hours and this will be agreed with the employer flexibly.

How long does this programme last?

AFRY Future Stars programme begins in May and takes a year, so 12 months in total.

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What sort of benefits does AFRY provide for trainees?

We provide most of the natural benefits to AFRY Future Stars. Benefits for part-time employees include lunch, sports, culture, commuting and massage benefits. In addition, all the AFRY employees are covered by insurance during the work time as well as on their spare time. Read more about benefits at AFRY for full-time employees.

Is the traineeship paid?

This internship program is paid and follows the collective labor agreement, of course!

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Is the trainee guaranteed to have a permanent position after the programme?

Through AFRY Future Stars programme we aim for having long-term, brave and devoted team players. This programme is a great way to recognize your own strengths and get familiar with consulting environment in four divisions of Finland: Process Industries, Management Consulting, Energy and Infrastructure.

We are always looking for new talents and employees with deep sector-knowledge and that is the reason why we have this programme at AFRY. When starting as an AFRY Future Star, you will take your first steps towards expertise and together with the employer you will have a chance to discuss your future.

First AFRY Future Stars trainees just finished programme and 14 of them continued as employees of AFRY. Employment naturally depends on the current demand for experts but mostly we are looking for new ones.

Meet our people Emma Kärkkäinen Finland

"As a Stars trainee, I got involved in client projects from the beginning and during the internship, I gained work experience from both detailed engineering and project management."

Emma Kärkkäinen, AFRY Future Star & Process Engineer

AFRY as an employer

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What's it like to be an AFRY Future Star?

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Looking for collaborations and sponsorships?

We focus on supporting student organizations and projects within sustainability in our sponsoring process. We follow AFRY's ethical guidance when considering the sponsorships. Please send your application via the link below.
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Inclusive and diverse teams with deep sector knowledge

Our times call for expertise, an inclusive and diverse team, and, last but not least, brave leadership.
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Read about the programme in Finnish

Do you speak Finnish? Read about the programme in Finnish.