Intelligent Tube

Akkukemikaalit ja akkujen valmistus

Laajaa osaamista akkuvalmistuksen koko arvoketjussa - malmin louhinnasta akkukennoihin sekä akkujen uudelleenkäyttöön ja kierrätykseen

Our experience in the mining, chemical, manufacturing and automotive industries helps us support our customers at all stages of the value chain.

It is estimated that the number of electric vehicles sold will grow by about 20-30% per year until 2030. As the demand for electric vehicles grows, the battery market offers an opportunity for many players from Asia to Europe. To meet growing demand and support the development of the battery industry, we have established a cross-industry team.

In addition to the automotive industry, other industries also need to assess their energy production and consumption patterns. This also involves e.g. portable household tools, smart grids and many other products.

Our expertise and service offering covers the entire battery manufacturing value chain, from mining, mineral processing and chemicals to processed materials, assembly lines and packaging, as well as applications and recycling. At each stage, different types of support services are needed, such as construction, infrastructure, water, environmental services, and maintenance, supported by smart solutions, security issues, digitalization, and management consulting.

Our core competencies:
  • Mining and metals
  • Chemical industry
  • Auto industry
  • Renewable energy
  • Recycling and reuse
  • Infrastructure and buildings
Kai Vikman
Chief Operating Officer, Process Industries Division

AFRY huolehtii yksityisyydensuojastasi pitämällä henkilötietosi turvassa. Käsittelemme henkilötietoja tietosuojaselosteemme mukaisesti noudattaen aina soveltuvia lakeja ja säännöksiä.