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Weronika Wojnicka: AFRY Future Stars program experience

I wanted to join the program in order to develop my skills in the field of process engineering

Weronika Wojnicka had heard good experiences about AFRY Future Stars and she decided to apply as it seemed like a suitable program to develop her skills in the field of chemical and process engineering.

Weronika Wojnicka studies chemical engineering at Aalto University where she has completed also a minor in
economics, which gives a useful combination with the science studies and how one can apply them in life. She is interested in chemical engineering because she thinks that the skills learned from this field can help develop new technologies to solve some of the major problems of our time, such as climate change and the sufficiency of natural resources.

How have you experienced the Stars program over these months?

I have enjoyed this program as it enables opportunities for growth in the chemical and process engineering field. In addition, we have also had more general training days intended for career development, focusing on presentation skills, sustainability and figuring out what career path would be most suitable based on our personality traits. Moreover, this program includes full-time work during the summer and part-time work during the academic year, which I think complements my studies well, as it enables me to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice while working on projects for different clients.

One of the most memorable Stars events for me has been the very first one where we got to know the other trainees. That day, we also discussed team work and well-being at work, and later went to play laser tag in Megazone. It was a cheerful day filled with fun activities and everyone was excited to meet one another and get to know what the other trainees will be working on.

What kind of support have you received from your community?

I have received a lot of support from my community. People here are kind and supportive and whenever I would be involved in some project and would not understand how to do something, there would always be someone offering to help me.

How has combining studies and internship been going?

This program allows a lot of flexibility, which enables you to successfully combine part-time work with studies. The workload during the part-time work is dependent on the available projects and the student’s study workload. For example, I have been working less during exam weeks, and then I have done a bit more work when I had periods of time with less school assignments.

Weronika Wojnicka

Would you recommend the program to students?

I would recommend this program to students who are studying relevant fields for this type of work, as it enables one to apply their knowledge in practice and learn even more about their subject and how their skills can be used to solve real life problems. In addition, this program included not only a variety of interesting client projects, but also multiple training days intended for career development which taught us valuable skills for the future.

How does the work of a consultant appear from Stara's perspective?

It is interesting to see in how many different ways consultant work can be applied, and what a consultant is able to do.

What plans do you have for the future?

After I graduate I would like to be involved in work which brings a positive impact to our world, for example in areas such as climate change, human health, and sustainability. I believe that my studies in chemical engineering will support that well.

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