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AFRY partners up with IFLA World Congress 2023

The 2023 IFLA World Congress will be held as a bilateral event in both Nairobi, Kenya, and Stockholm, Sweden.

Regardless if you are in Nairobi or Stockholm you will be part of the same congress. This gives a great opportunity to reach out and share knowledge, inspiration, and innovation on a scale never done before.

The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) currently represents 77 national associations from Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Their mission as landscape architects is to create globally sustainable and balanced living environments. The mission also is to promote the landscape architecture profession within a collaborative partnership of the allied built-environment professions, demanding the highest standards of education, training, research, and professional practice, and providing leadership and stewardship in all matters.

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The audience consists of landscape architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, researchers, and stake holders. International key-note speakers bring inspiration and perspectives from around the world. Breakout sessions provide an arena to go deeper into the topics by enabling practitioners and researchers to present ideas and solutions through more interactive sessions, followed by other social activities and study visits. The award ceremony and the International Student Design Competition engage hundreds of students and universities every year to highlight landscape architecture and planning solutions.

Venue Stockholm: Filadelfia Convention Centre
Date: 28-30 September
Expected audience: between 700-1500 participants attends the congress every year.

Program overview

The theme for IFLA 2023: Emergent interaction

Emergent interaction aims to explore emerging forms of collective problem-solving, networks of ideas and borderless strategies in order to find new solutions to the urgent issues of climate change, social inequality and biodiversity.

How can we facilitate interaction across national and institutional boundaries, between citizens and governments; between academic institutions and private practices, between political frameworks and planetary boundaries; between culture and nature, between the digital and the physical, and between cities and ecologies?

The 3 subthemes:
1. Leave no one behind
2. Act Local
3. Think global/Beyond Borders.

AFRY will be an activity partner.

This includes doing 2x activities:

  • Pre–seminar: in August 2023 will AFRY in collaboration with FILA 2023 and have a seminar. The content of the seminar will be related to IFLA 2023 theme. Stay tuned!
  • Into the office: AFRY will plan and execute an “after congress” in our office opening it up to IFLA 2023 visitors and offering drinks and snacks on a Thursday evening. It will be a great meeting point to meet, talk, exchange experiences, and inspire each other.

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