Infra-Transportation survey mapping

Mät och kartteknik

Marknadens bredaste utbud av laserskanningstjänster

AFRY erbjuder en komplett process där vi utgår ifrån kundens behov och tillgodoser de krav som ställs. Vi utgår från den senaste tillgängliga teknologin och kombinerar detta med vår specialistkompetens.

As one of the pioneers in 3D laser scanning we have built up a rich resource of competence in a number of areas over the past ten years. We can quickly capture and replicate a complete picture of reality in any desired 3D format. The result is a highly detailed and geometrically accurate model. Any kind of surface can be scanned and data is captured in three dimensions as x, y, z coordinates.

We then edit and process the results to produce finished manufacturing documentation or as-built drawings and records, and carry out the necessary analyses. We also produce a database where we store data for our clients’ projects and offer customer-specific solutions for how to use data scanning in the life cycle maintenance of a product, installation, construction or plant. The data can be processed in many different ways to produce a result that is appropriate in each specific instance.

Laser scanning is a technique with a wide range of applications that include the rebuilds of industrial plant, the digitisation of infrastructure projects (rail tracks, tunnels, bridges, traffic intersections), architectural and construction projects, as well as a long list of industrial applications (reverse engineering, design, out-turn samples, etc.).

Examples of our services:

  • Quick, complete capture and replication in 3D.
  • Measures all sorts of surfaces quickly and without contact.
  • Measures accurately, regardless of lighting conditions, day or night.
  • Produces a detailed and geometrically correct model.
  • Data can be used for subsequent CAD production and is ideal when old drawings are of poor quality or missing.