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Combining commercial acumen with deep technical understanding to deliver sharp advice. The transmission system is the backbone of a secure energy supply and at the heart of the energy transition. But the energy transition and evolving energy markets are driving change for power and gas transmission and transportation systems. The design of the systems, the regulatory environment and the capability of the transmission system operator will all need to adapt. Our team of experts is ready to help you to thrive in this changing world.

Decarbonisation policies, digitalisation, automation technologies and decentralisation of energy production are leading to specific challenges for transmission. AFRY understands the challenges face by transmission/transportation system operators (TSOs) and provides strategic, commercial, technical and transaction advice through market insights and modelling, market design, regulatory strategy development and power system analysis. We formulate network development scenarios, provide asset management advice and enable investment decision-making. We support the innovative technological- economic development of TSOs from strategy to implementation.

  • Implementation of European Network Codes and Guidelines (ENTSO-E and ENTSO-G) to integrate Regional EU-Markets, Ensure stable and reliable System Operation and Integrate renewable generation.
  • Power System development by applying innovative technologies such as dynamic line rating, multi-terminal HVDC connections, extra high voltage cable technology, onshore and offshore.
  • TSO-DSO cooperation and data management considering modern Smart grids, decentralised generation, electric vehicle charging, battery storage, demand-side management and other flexibility technologies.
  • System Congestion Management in the light of the energy transition, i.e. providing system adequacy and reserve power with regard to new market designs and  long construction periods for new TSO network connections.
  • Operational and Organizational Excellence to align with the local regulatory and commercial frameworks and conditions.
  • Advice for matching ENTSO-E codes and standards for European TSOs.
  • Investment decision advice and risk analysis for large TSO investments.
  • Strategic Data management concepts for TSO.
  • More than 30 Regulatory, Commercial and Political quantitative analysis and modelling studies on European energy market and interconnector scenarios in the last three years.
  • Technical-economic studies and market analysis.
AFRY Management Consulting has carried out more than 30 analyses and modelling studies on the European energy market and interconnector scenarios in the last three years

AFRY (former Pöyry) is one of our most important advisors for both management consulting and engineering services regarding technical and economical questions in developing the transmission grid. One could also call it the backbone of the energy transition in North-East Germany. AFRY supports us successfully with their know-how, their skills and the experience of their employees (especially currently at our big onshore and offshore projects we are working on together with AFRY).

Frank Golletz, Managing Director, CTO, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH
Eckart Lindwedel
Senior Principal, AFRY Management Consulting


Kjetil Ingeberg
Director, AFRY Management Consulting