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Strategic framework

We have been in the forefront of industrial transformation for more than 125 years. Looking ahead, our aspiration is clear – to be pioneers of technology and the leading partner in the sustainability transition.

By growing our business, we increase the positive impact on society and the planet together with our clients. We provide purposeful assignments and inspiring career opportunities for our employees as well as long term value to our shareholders.

AFRY's business strategy, as pioneers of technology and leading partner in the sustainability transition

Scale globally in decarbonisation, energy and biobased materials Arrow pointing right

Scale globally in decarbonisation, energy and biobased materials

The capacity expansion to generate, transport and store clean energy is a critical prerequisite for the sustainable transition. Access to fossil free resources is determining the pace of the transition and biobased industries have a vital role in the transition by providing renewable raw materials.

Strategic ambition

The ambition is to strengthen our international leading positions in clean energy, pulp & paper and other bio-based industries as well as in circular solutions. Build strong positions, even in the Nordics, in green capex such as green steel, hydrogen and batteries. This pillar primarily address the Process Industries, Energy and Management Consulting divisions.


Wind farm with clear dark sky

Key priorities

  • Grow in segments where we can take leading positions, for example hydrogen, pumped storage, offshore wind, transmission, biobased materials, metals and mining
  • Strengthen ability to deliver large green capex-projects
  • Offer full life cycle solutions from strategy to capex and operations
  • Strive for thought leadership in market trends, technologies and innovation
Strengthen position and profitability in infrastructure Arrow pointing right

Strengthen position and profitability in infrastructure

Cities are at the front lines of the growing risks associated with climate change. Cities and businesses face interlinked challenges that require holistic solutions. AFRY’s clients invest in large infrastructure developments, industrial real estate and as well in local projects in real estate, transport infrastructure and water.

Strategic ambition

Leverage on current positions in real estate, transport infrastructure and water, with focus on growth where we have a differentiation and on ensuring robust profitability throughout our business. This pillar primarily address the Infrastructure division.


City scape in fog showing river and bridge in sun

Key priorities

  • Improve operational efficiency and project execution
  • Strengthen and optimise service portfolio, segments and geographies
  • Offer full lifecycle solutions with increasing focus on the early project stages
  • Further development of offerings for future climate neutral cities
Grow Nordic industrial and digital portfolio, expand internationally in niches Arrow pointing right

Grow Nordic industrial and digital portfolio, expand internationally in niches

Mobility and industry sectors together account for around two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. Decarbonising these sectors will be crucial to achieving the world’s emission reduction targets. Clients are looking for trusted partners with deep sector knowledge combined with digital knowhow to navigate the journey.

Strategic ambition

The ambition is to expand from our leading position in industrial transformation in the Nordics. Combine deep sector competence with digital capabilities. Grow position internationally in selected niches. This pillar primarily address the Industrial & Digital Solutions and AFRY X divisions.


AI Robots in Manufacturing plant

Key priorities

  • Further strengthen position in automotive, R&D services and manufacturing transformation
  • Combine deep industrial sector knowledge with digital engineering
  • Design and develop end-to-end solutions, also with strategic partners
  • Drive reusability and modularity in offerings to be more agile in responding to new client requirements and to capture high growth areas
Increase client value Arrow pointing right

Increase client value

Our society is currently in the midst of several ongoing and major transitions, driven by sustainability and digitalisation. AFRY holds a unique position and will be a leading partner in the transition.

Strategic ambition

The ambition is constant focus on increasing the value for our clients through a proactive approach and close, long-term relationships built on trust.



Key priorities

  • Combine AFRY’s offerings to develop full lifecycle solutions
  • Strengthen the key account process to enable stronger and systematic collaboration with key clients
  • Adapt and innovate business models
  • Be the enabler by bringing together demand, innovation and knowledge across value chains
Employer of choice Arrow pointing right

Be the employer of choice

The competion for talents requires AFRY to be an attractive employer with strong culture and excellent working conditions. With clients in key transition sectors, AFRY can offer the most exciting assignments.

Strategic ambition

The ambition is to attract talent and develop our people by offering compelling assignments, strong leadership and an inclusive and collaborative culture.


Woman with black hair and yellow jacket

Key priorities

  • Invest in talents and offer development opportunities in interesting client assignments
  • Excel in brave leadership of people and business
  • Develop a culture that enables high performance, collaboration and wellbeing
  • Strengthen inclusion efforts and promote diversity
Drive operational excellence Arrow pointing right

Drive operational excellence

AFRY has grown into a company of more than 19,000 employees, operating globally from a strong Nordic base. This stresses the importance on efficiency, transparency and predictability.

Strategic ambition

The ambition is to ensure efficient operations that enables our business with speed, transparency, scalability and appropriate support.


woman looking up towards a bridge

Key priorities

  • Leverage new system platform and simplified processes to create efficiency and transparency
  • Drive common accelerators like offshoring and pricing as well as efficient use of facilities
  • Reduce our emissions and conduct responsible business
Two AFRY employees photographed in urban environments

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