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Meet our People

What's it like to work at AFRY?

Here are some voices from around AFRY, giving you a glimpse into their world.

Profile photo of Raya Zamil, who is a trainee at AFRY through initiative Jobbsprånget

Raya Zamil

Research Engineer

“My best advice is to keep positive and never give up. This worked for me, although it was a long road for me to get to my current position. I can now say that I am comfortable and pleased, it feels like a new beginning”. 

karolina sandgren

Karolina Pamp Sandgren

Strategist Combined Mobility

“I never fear the future, I run straight into it”

Petri Vasara, is one of AFRYs experts

Petri Vasara

Head of Concept Development

"To me, engineers are miracle workers"

Azadeh standing on a roof in Stockholm.

Azadeh Rezvani

Geotechnical Engineer

“I believe that with our knowledge and brave decisions we will be able to take our sustainability work to the next level"

Nima standing in front of Turning Torso in Malmö with his hands in his pockets

Nima Goniband

Software Engineer

"The consultancy role itself is interesting since there are always new challenges around the corner and the risk of being stuck in an unfulfilling position is slim."

Man sitting on a bench close to the forrest

Martin Kihlman

Process engineer

"I am both happy and proud to be a part of the transition that is now taking place in the industry"

Picture of one of our employees Zain Nadra

Zain Nadra

Mechanical Engineer within HVAC

"AFRY are giving me my steps to the future. Here, I get to work within my field of expertise, and I develop and learn something new every day."

Meet our people Emma Kärkkäinen Finland

Emma Kärkkäinen

Process Engineer

"From AFRY Future Stars program for students, to full time Process Engineer"

Smiling man and woman sitting on concrete steps

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