Inclusion and diversity as a business strategy

The world is complex, and we need to see the bigger picture when we make decisions. If we want to improve how we do things, examining one aspect of society will not be enough. Our times call for expertise, an inclusive and diverse team, and, last but not least, brave leadership.

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Combating homelessness through social innovation

Homelessness among families with children is an inherent problem in both developed and developing countries. In response to rising homelessness among children in developed countries and in Sweden specifically, AFRY has initiated the pilot project, Children’s Housing First.

Accelerate your digital transition with AFRY X

The urgent need for sustainable transition in society is paving the way for rapid digital-driven change. As digital technologies reshape all industries, the implications for businesses are broad, and so are the opportunities to make an impact.

In AFRY X we have brought together our leading digital expertise and key digital technologies in one place to help clients to accelerate their digital transition.

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We believe that change happens when people with brave ideas come together.