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Sustainable Stories

About Sustainable Stories

AFRY’s commitment and mission is to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society.

In the new Sustainable Stories you can read more about some of AFRY’s recent assignments within the fields of infrastructure, bioindustry, energy and digitalisation, and how we, together with our clients, accelerate the transition globally.

We see transformation as the key core competence of AFRY where we as an enabler can support our clients with the holistic view and adding the competencies and capabilities needed to continue the acceleration for change. The projects in Sustainable Stories, are examples of how our mission is transformed into reality.

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Sustainable Stories

Real life assignments that show how AFRY, together with our clients, contribute to a more sustainable society. We call them Sustainable Stories.
Jonas Gustavsson
Jonas Gustavsson, President and CEO

A sustainability transition is possible

At AFRY we see good opportunities in society to accelerate the sustainability transition. There is a need to address the global challenges meaning that business as usual is no longer an option. To make everything from carbon capture, use of electricity and food production more sustainable, resilient, and effective, we can impact society in a positive direction. It is at the forefront where AFRY together with our clients works relentlessly to create sustainable engineering and design solutions to make change happen.

To our readers

With less than a decade until 2030, global action to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is lagging behind. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic there were indications of uneven achievements of the goals and progress far behind what is necessary. While there has been visible progress in the years since the 2030 Agenda was adopted in 2015, with targets reaching greater access to education, healthcare, and clean water as well as increased empowerment for women, the pandemic has once again increased economic and social inequalities.

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Sustainability at AFRY

Sustainability is part of AFRY’s business strategy and a prerequisite for AFRY’s business as a whole. We connect technologies to create sustainable progress for you.