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About us

Engineered by AFRY

At AFRY, we engineer change in everything we do, from the solutions that we create to how we strike a healthy work life balance. We do this with a higher purpose, to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society. That’s how we're making future.

Engineered by AFRY encapsulates the solutions we seek, the possibilities we provide and the culture we nurture.

It differentiates us in our unique approach to seeing a challenge instead of a problem, the way we value differences in each other, and that we go to work with a higher purpose in mind – making future.

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Engineered by AFRY shows who we are as a company, it illustrates that our extensive portfolio is our superpower, we can engineer bridges, buildings, energy solutions, circular systems as well as a thriving culture and equal opportunities.

We are 19,000 colleagues present in 40 countries globally, and we intend to grow even further to increase our positive impact on society.

Engineered by AFRY is a reflection of who we are as a company – brave team players, that are devoted to finding solutions that benefit our clients and the world at large.

With our strong engineering heritage and expertise across multiple industries, we are uniquely positioned to tackle some of the world's most complex challenges. But what makes us unique is how we do things, what’s behind our solutions as well as our culture. This we wanted to tell the world about, that is the why we created engineered by AFRY.

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  • 19,000 employees globally 1
  • Across > 40 countries with AFRY offices


  • Net sales of SEK 27 billion 2

50 languages

  • We speak more than 50 languages
  • With projects across > 100 countries


  • 75% of sales in the Nordic Market
  • 75% of project sales
  • 75% of sales to private sector
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Our Vision

Making Future

Our Mission

We accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society

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We think big and encourage entrepreneurship to increase value. Challenging each other and making bold decisions, always taking a stand for what we believe in.


We have a unique mix of competences and we are all passionate within our field. Sharing our expertise and insights to make a difference, we are driven by our curiosity to grow and learn more.

Team players

We share ideas and collaborate across borders to seize new opportunities. Challenging, supporting and bringing out the best in each other, we believe in the power of differences.

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ÅF and Pöyry became AFRY

In February 2019 ÅF and Pöyry joined forces in order to become a international engineering, design and advisory company, driving digitalisation and sustainability for the energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors all over the world.

In November 2019 ÅF Pöyry launched a new common brand, AFRY. The name is a combination of the letters in ÅF and Pöyry: AF+RY

With a strong focus on sustainable solutions we bring the best from ÅF and Pöyry into the new brand AFRY.

The AFRY name

  • When AFRY is written within a sentence, we always use capital letters.
  • How do you pronounce AFRY? This is the correct way to pronounce AFRY: [eɪːfɹi]
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Five divisions in three sectors

AFRY’s five divisions are: Infrastructure, Industrial & Digital Solutions, Process Industries, Energy and Management Consulting. Together, we offer engineering, design and advisory services across three main sectors: infrastructure, industry and energy.

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