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Product Development

Discover what AFRY can do to take your product from concept to successful delivery

Navigate the digital transformation with confidence by choosing AFRY as your comprehensive R&D partner. We seamlessly guide you through the entire production journey – from ideation to execution – ensuring your company stays agile in response to evolving regulations, markets, and swift technological advancements.


Catering to a diverse range of sectors:

Automotive, Telecom, Defence, Med-Tech, Energy, Mining, and Manufacturing

Our key differentiator lies in our ability to seamlessly manage the entire product development cycle, from ideation to delivery, across an expansive array of sectors. AFRY caters to Automotive, Telecom, Defence, Med-Tech, Energy, Mining, and Manufacturing. Utilizing our powerful team of 19,000 engineers and designers, we customize solutions for your specific needs.

We turbocharge your project by covering every stage of the product development cycle, eliminating the need to engage multiple vendors or agencies. Whether you require rapid prototyping, iterative design, efficient R&D and industrialisation, or specialised manufacturing, our team can adapt to fulfill your requirements.

Our diverse skill sets, comprising engineers, designers, brand builders, and project managers, support you throughout the journey. This interdisciplinary approach enables you to tackle challenges from various perspectives and generate innovative solutions.

Erik Backström

"Through cross-collaboration across sectors with different maturity levels and the use of emerging technologies, new design concepts, or creative problem-solving, our team is dedicated to driving innovation. By optimising efficiency and minimising waste, we deliver maximum return on investment."

– Erik Backström, Head of Product & Software Engineering at AFRY.

Why choose AFRY for your R&D and product maintenance?

Flexibility – Capacity – Speed Arrow pointing right

Outsourcing R&D to AFRY allows you to easily adjust to economic conditions, whether influenced by internal factors or market demands. Our adaptable solutions empower you to quickly switch in and out of different expertise, addressing the flexibility required in a product development environment often constrained by internal structures.


AFRY ensures your company has the necessary capacity for fast-paced technological advancements. Through efficient resource allocation, we accelerate Time to Market (TTM) and facilitate the prompt realisation of business cases, acting as a capacity booster for increased workloads.


AFRY's commitment to speed goes beyond traditional product development timelines. We understand that accessibility to resources, the availability of local talent, and operational scalability are critical components in venturing into new technology realms.  

Partnering with us ensures faster development, heightened productivity, and the confidence to explore new horizons in technology. 

Risk mitigation Arrow pointing right
Avoid investment risks and increased costs

AFRY provides a risk mitigation strategy by helping your company steer clear of potential investment risks associated with technology and capacity. With our outsourcing model, you can allocate resources wisely without the burden of large upfront investments.

Regulatory changes Arrow pointing right
Encourage a distributed work approach to avoid hiring complexities

AFRY advocates for a distributed work approach, strategically steering clear of the complexities associated with hiring. By embracing a distributed model, your company can navigate capacity more efficiently and maintain flexibility.

Competence and specialist expertise Arrow pointing right
Access expertise rarely needed in-house

AFRY offers access to specialised expertise that may not be required in-house on a regular basis. This allows your company to tap into a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge precisely when needed.

Overcome talent scarcity and geographical limitations

Outsourcing to AFRY addresses talent scarcity issues by providing access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals. We overcome geographical constraints by delivering expertise to you, regardless of location or competition limitations.

Domain knowledge Arrow pointing right
Understand and navigate the customer's regulatory environment

AFRY's commitment to domain knowledge ensures that we not only understand but effectively navigate your customer's regulatory environment. This is crucial for compliance and successful product development within regulatory frameworks.

Leadership capacity Arrow pointing right
Relieve internal leadership constraints

AFRY steps in to relieve internal leadership constraints, ensuring that your company's projects are guided by experienced leadership. This allows your internal leadership to focus on critical tasks, reducing overall management burden.

Enhance or reduce management burden

Depending on your company's needs, AFRY's outsourcing services can either enhance existing management capacity or strategically reduce the burden on your internal leadership, providing flexibility in organisational management.

Beyond problem-solving, AFRY offers:

End-to-end lifecycle management: 

Covering research, design, testing, production, maintenance, and product transition.

Tailored delivery models: 

Customized solutions to meet specific client needs.

Prototyping and production: 

From ideation to execution, we facilitate the entire process.

Strategic analysis: 

Conducting assessments and business case development.

Global presence: 

Leverage our international footprint for comprehensive support.

One of AFRY's delivery models in R&D: Product Lifecycle Management
One of our delivery models: Product Lifecycle Management.

Delivery Models: Tailored solutions for your specific needs

We understand the complexities involved in managing research and development projects. To simplify this process and produce the best results, we offer a range of Delivery Models tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you need a single consultant with a certain competence, a product development team, or your entire project to be scoped and executed, our models offer flexibility, efficiency, and superior performance to optimise your R&D initiatives.

We encourage you to download our info sheet, which details our engineering and design consulting solutions.

Erik Backström - VP and Head of Business Area Product & Software Engineering
Erik Backström
VP and Head of Business Area Product & Software Engineering

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Elisabeth Öhrn - COO Automotive Design & Engineering
Elisabeth Öhrn
COO Automotive Design & Engineering

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