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AFRY as an investment

The ongoing transition in society towards sustainable solutions and digitalisation, particularly within the industry, will create major opportunities for AFRY where we will take a leading role as an enabler. Below are the main reasons why we create customer and shareholder value.

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1. Long-term value creation

AFRY has, in line with the company’s dividend policy, delivered a stable average dividend above 50 percent in recent years (with the exception of 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic). Over the last five years, the share return was 71 percent. We represent long-term sustainable development that adds value for shareholders, clients, employees and the society as a whole.

2. Leader in sustainable and digital solutions

Global megatrends such as climate change, urbanisation and digitalisation are shaping demand amongst clients and are expected to lead to an increasing need for scalable and sustainable solutions, while digitalisation remains a driving force within all industries and sectors. The EU:s Green Deal and taxonomy will drive investments and accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. AFRY is an attractive employer, which ensures that we can recruit talented employees who strengthen our customer offering and competitiveness.

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3. Diversification for low cyclicality

AFRY’s broad portfolio and international presence enables us to take on larger and more complex assignments to meet our clients’ needs for advanced and sustainable solutions. A broad portfolio also generates stability across fluctuations in the economy and better spreads risk. AFRY has a strong local position in the Nordic region and selected international segments.


Annual and Sustainability Report 2021

We accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society

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