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AFRY as an investment

Five reasons to invest in AFRY

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1. A changing world is increasing the need for our solutions

AFRY creates sustainable solutions covering a broad spectrum of expertise areas and client segments. Combining these enables AFRY to provide solutions in engineering, design and digitalisation that few other consulting companies can match. This makes AFRY an attractive partner as industry is being digitalised or as we build smart cities to be sustainable in the long term.

2. Diversification for low cyclicality

The extensive portfolio equips ÅF to deliver the end-to-end solutions that are in demand and create value for clients. This also generates stability across fluctuations in the economy and better spreads risk. AFRY has a strong local position in core markets and is aiming to be the international leader in selected segments including the process industry, energy, automotive and lighting.

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3. Successful agenda for growth and stable financial performance

AFRY grows both organically and through acquisitions and its target is to achieve annual growth of 10 percent. Growth strengthens and broadens our client offering, while acquisitions have helped us identify and realise cost synergies. We have a clear agenda for growth and have demonstrated that we can grow profitably. Our target is to achieve an EBITA margin of at least 10 percent over a business cycle. We achieved total growth of 10.4 percent in 2018 and an EBITDA margin of 9.1 percent excluding items affecting comparability.

4. Attractive employer

In the long term, our ability to attract the best employees is crucial. ÅF provides excellent development opportunities and interesting assignments for clients who want to be ahead of the crowd. Being an attractive employer ensures that we can recruit talented employees who want to join us in creating leading solutions, which in turn strengthens our client offering and competitiveness.

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5. Long-term value creation

From 2009 to 2018, ÅF has delivered a total shareholder return of 622 percent compared with 248 percent for the OMX Stockholm GI (OMXSGI). ÅF represents long-term, sustainable development that adds value for shareholders, clients, employees and society.