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Who we are

Many believe that AFRY is all about technology, but our story is mainly about people. A company consisting of bold engineers, business experts, visionary leaders and other professionals working together to make new insights and ideas grow into smart solutions that move you and society forward. 

A Brave New Workplace

When building a new company, the key will be to attract and retain the best people and talent. To accomplish that, fostering an inclusive culture is not an option, it is essential.

Career paths 

What kind of development really deserves to be called development? Is it a constant upward progression, a step forward, or maybe a change of direction? 

Do you strive for a career in management or do you see yourself more out in the field as an expert or project leader? Do you have in-depth knowledge within a highly specialized field or a broad understanding of a variety of areas?  There's no single path to success for everyone,and therefore we offer a wide range of career opportunities to 
suit different career aspirations. We want to have a corporate culture that is open, dynamic and innovative and we believe that continuously developing our people is the key to ensuring that. 

We hope that you see AFRY as a company full of opportunities and challenges. The assignments we undertake are of every conceivable kind, from one-man investigations to projects involving hundreds of consultants from all around the world. Which type of assignment suits you? 

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We believe that change happens when people with brave ideas come together.
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