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Careers at AFRY Management Consulting

AFRY Management Consulting is one of the leading consulting companies focused on the energy transition and changing bioeconomy.

With a team of more than 800 consultants, we help companies, utilities, banks and financial investors navigate transforming industries. Our work focuses on market analysis, strategy development, operational excellence, digitalisation and complex M&A transactions.

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We are seeking bright and analytical individuals who bring with them both logical and creative thinking abilities, as well as the ability to contribute positively to team dynamics. Our motivated colleagues are driven by a strong passion for what we do, and we expect the same level of enthusiasm from you.

If you are interested in being a part of the transformation in the energy, bioindustry, infrastructure, industrial, and future mobility sectors, we eagerly await your application. Browse through our available positions, sign up for email notifications of new openings, or create a profile to get started. The link below leads to all AFRY open positions. Select Management Consulting from the Competence area menu to display a more limited view.

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What we do

AFRY Management Consulting works globally to address challenges and opportunities in the energy, bioindustry, infrastructure, industrial and future mobility sectors through:

  • Strategic advice
  • Forward looking market analysis
  • Organisational and digital transformation
  • M&A and transaction services
  • Sustainability consulting
 Working with us

At AFRY Management Consulting, we are proud to have a working culture that is respectful, collaborative, supportive and responsible. We are driven by the idea of helping our clients find solutions to business-critical questions and helping them achieve the highest quality outcome.

AFRY Management Consulting colleagues work in a global environment, maintaining a clear focus on the needs of our local clients. At AFRY, we are committed to being a modern employer, and both our consulting work and our people culture is strongly driven by our values – Brave, Devoted and Team Players – as well as our long-term sustainability goals.

From day one, you will be part of a project team made up of globally active experts. You will work across national borders on various exciting client assignments with the world's leading companies in the energy and bioindustry sector in collaboration with highly qualified colleagues. You will be empowered through flatter hierarchies and encouraged to take responsibility for your personal and professional growth.

Energy Arrow pointing right

Our energy consultants provide comprehensive advice focusing on all aspects of the evolving energy landscape, including thermal generation, renewables, trading, customer solutions, corporate strategy consulting, and organisational transformation. The energy industry is rapidly changing with decarbonisation, decentralisation, and digitalisation, presenting challenges and opportunities for stakeholders.

Bioindustry Arrow pointing right

Our bioindustry experts specialises in providing management consultancy across various sectors of the bioeconomy, including forestry, traditional products, and innovative bio-based materials. We offer a wide range of services, from business strategy to market insights and operational efficiency. The world is being shaped by climate change, emphasising the importance of bio-based alternatives and a circular economy approach.

Sustainability Arrow pointing right

At AFRY, Sustainability Consulting goes beyond meeting compliance and reporting requirements to deliver practical solutions that have a tangible impact and enable long-lasting change. As a trusted sustainability advisor, AFRY supports leading organisations in navigating the transition to net-zero emissions and developing circular business models. We empower companies to take action and effectively implement real-world solutions.

Data Solutions Arrow pointing right

AFRY's dedicated team of 60 data and analytics consultants delivers unforeseen data breakthroughs in various clients and industries. The team consists of analytics consultants, data engineers, and full-stack developers that combines a unique mix of expertise. We work in confidential long-term partnerships with our clients helping the organisations to become more data literate and data-driven.

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Being at our best

At AFRY Management Consulting, we believe that we are at our best when colleagues with different backgrounds and experiences work together and grow together every day. In combination with a hands-on approach and learning on the job, you will develop through qualified consulting training, supported by an experienced mentor and accompanied by a “buddy” – to set you up for success and prepare you for future career opportunities at AFRY Management Consulting.

We offer you relevant work experience, competitive performance-orientated compensation, corporate benefits and highly flexible working conditions. You will find a unique working culture where brave and devoted team players can flourish. While working with us at AFRY Management Consulting is demanding, you will discover the freedom to develop and learn and to shape a balance between professional and private life that lets you be at your best.

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Inclusion and Diversity

We believe diversity is a strength, and that an inclusive workplace is a more dynamic and creative workplace, where people feel better – and where great ideas come to life.
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Career stories
Meet our people from different countries and backgrounds and learn what working at AFRY Management Consulting is like through their stories.
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Expanding professional and personal horizons
At AFRY Management Consulting, consultants can apply for internal office transfers in any of our locations as part of our Global Citizen programme.

Frequently asked questions

What qualifications do I need to be a management consultant?  Arrow pointing right

We anticipate exceptional graduation from an economic, technical, or financial degree programme. However, individuals with diverse backgrounds who possess a genuine passion for our working fields are also warmly welcomed. Essential attributes include the ability to analyse intricate problems, derive solutions, and demonstrate a strong work ethic while collaborating with colleagues and managing client relationships in a respectful manner.

What are the career development opportunities at AFRY Management Consulting? Arrow pointing right

We offer a traditional consulting career path, starting from the role of Analyst (also known as Junior Consultant) and progressing up to the rank of Director. Our emphasis is on personal and professional growth, supported by a comprehensive talent review process conducted twice a year. We also provide continuous feedback in a fair and appreciative manner. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of training programs for employees at all levels, encompassing foundational consulting training, project management skills, and leadership development for senior colleagues.

What is the onboarding process?  Arrow pointing right

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just leaving university, our buddy system offers valuable benefits. A peer will provide guidance on daily tasks such as locating resources, navigating our knowledge hub, registering for trainings, and even how to manage the reimbursement process for business trips.

With whom does an AFRY management consultant do their work? Arrow pointing right

Working at AFRY Management Consulting is an enriching experience. We collaborate with experts from different countries and backgrounds, including engineers, digital and data experts, and sector-focused professionals. Our projects involve professionals from various locations, creating an international working environment that fosters continuous learning and growth. As an employee, you become part of a wide network of collaborators, creating a vibrant community of talented individuals worldwide. The expertise and experience of colleagues in leadership positions are valuable for both consulting and industry knowledge. Core to our way of working is international collaboration, with offices around the world. This setup allows us to quickly connect with diverse colleagues, creating versatile project teams with individuals from various countries, languages, and cultures.

Who are AFRY Management Consulting's clients? Arrow pointing right

Typically, these include utilities, government energy departments, financial institutions investing in energy and infrastructure assets, as well as NGOs.

How does AFRY Management Consulting approach flexible working arrangements? Arrow pointing right

We have established a highly flexible approach to work. We believe in the power of face-to-face discussions and collaborations, and occasionally we like to unwind together after work. At the same time, remote work and working from different locations are integral parts of our daily operations. We take pride in our strong team culture while providing individual flexibility.

What are AFRY's thoughts on work-life balance? Arrow pointing right

Consulting is a demanding business, where deadlines and the pursuit of excellence in our work are paramount to both clients and colleagues. We are committed to sustainability and ensuring the well-being of our team. As such, we strive to create a balanced working environment that respects the boundaries between work and personal life.

The number of business trips is relatively moderate compared to other consulting firms, as we prioritise sustainability and always assess the necessity. We value work-life balance, which is particularly appreciated by our working parents.

How does AFRY Management Consulting support career advancement for its employees? Arrow pointing right

At AFRY, we prioritise employee growth and development. We help unlock their potential and encourage professional growth aligned with their interests. Our company culture emphasises continuous learning through practical experiences and structured programs. We invest in development, creating a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.

What is the average duration and staffing of management consultancy projects? Arrow pointing right

The average duration and staffing levels of projects are typically around three months for short-term assignments. During this time, small groups of 2-4 individuals collaborate closely, creating an environment that encourages sharing knowledge and exploring various subject areas. This structure allows junior team members to take on significant responsibilities, contributing their unique insights and skills for successful outcomes.

Do you have any advice on how to secure a job at AFRY? Arrow pointing right

Visit AFRY's Job Application Guide for tips on applying for a job at AFRY. This resource will provide valuable information on the application process and what to expect.

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