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We believe that change happens when people with brave ideas come together.

We want to be a company where people are allowed to grow as individuals and as a team. Choose one of the career paths below or go to available positions to find your new challenge. 

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We believe that change happens when people with brave ideas come together.
Go to available positions to find your next challenge.
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What's it like to work at AFRY?

If you are looking for a workplace where you will develop and at the same time contribute to something meaningful, you have found the right place.

We honor and welcome all who are brave enough to do what they believe in. Here are some voices from around AFRY, giving you a glimpse into their world.

Students and Graduates

Whether you are a student, a recent graduate or in the early stages of your career, there are plenty of career opportunities to discover at AFRY.

We are always looking for the sharpest designers and engineers that want to develop future societies with us. At AFRY, we want to offer you the best start to your career. 

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AFRY Network

AFRY Network is designed for independent consultants, small businesses and managers of consulting firms or students who want to connect and work with us. 


Immigrated Competence

Immigrated Engineers Program is AFRY's aim to attract and recruit more foreign-born and recently immigrated engineers and designers. We always want to attract more people into our organization with different backgrounds and perspectives.


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Making Future

We are the dreamers. We are the makers. The forward thinkers and explorers. We are the pioneers of technology committed to making a difference.