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Students and Graduates

Students and graduates

Whether you are a student, a recent graduate or in the early stages of your career, there are plenty of career opportunities to discover at AFRY.

Becoming a part of AFRY during your time as a student is a great way to get to develop professionally while making valuable contacts for the future. As a recent graduate, we want to offer you the best start to your career. 

A Brave New Leadership

The world needs brave leadership. It’s more important than ever to think big and beyond convention. We need to challenge each other and make brave decisions, always taking a stand for what we believe in. And it all starts with brave leaders.

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What's it like to work at AFRY?

Many believe that AFRY is all about technology, but our story is mainly about people. A company consisting of bold engineers, business experts, visionary leaders and other professionals working together to make new insights and ideas grow into smart solutions that move you and society forward. 

Here are some voices from around AFRY, giving you a glimpse into their world.

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Available jobs

We are always looking for students and newly graduated talents who want to join and develop sustainable societies with us. Start your career with us by applying for one of our available positions.