Digital Transformation

Future Industry

With the industry for a brighter future

Future Industry is collection of insights, solutions, and innovations. Future Industry helps the industry to navigate in a time of increased transformational pressure and competition in a changing environment where sustainability is both a goal and a must for financial success.

We help our clients to use technology to its fullest, unlocking efficiency reserves and creating necessary partnerships that last. Together with our clients, we create economically, socially and ecologically sustainable solutions for the coming era.

We implement and improve

Future Industry combines a holistic approach and AFRY’s unique and market leading services and products in order to ensure our clients’ future success.

Future Industry is working to increase collaboration across industry sectors, for greater dialogue and broader knowledge in the business sector, in order to implement the transition towards the sustainable future faster and more efficiently.

AFRY has the expertise, experience and solutions to master the challenges and successfully take clients through the change journey. We implement and improve the best solutions, here and now.

Throughout the whole value chain

Future Industry creates value using AFRY’s wide and deep domain expertise within design and digital technology, the delivery capacity of more than 17.000 experts, and the ability to innovate through advisory.

We make sure that your factory is connected correctly, that your machines are smart and autonomous, that your routines and processes are optimised, and the staff are given the right conditions to perform and succeed with their work.

We create value from idea to product, from the highest strategic level to the deepest technological aspect. We invent, design, develop and put technology to work. Whether it's a digital twin used to improve commissioning or an AI connected to your business data-flows.