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AFRY + Norrsken

AFRY and Norrsken in collaboration to accelerate the sustainable transition

Norrsken and AFRY will share knowledge and use the power of entrepreneurship and digitalisation combined to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society, in line with the 2030 Agenda.

AFRY and Norrsken: the collaboration

How will AFRY support?

The in-depth knowledge of AFRY experts in sustainability and digitalisation enables AFRY to advise and accelerate the build-up of future cities, develop solutions within bioindustry, clean energy, and food and life science. On this basis, Norrsken and AFRY are committed to collaborate to make a difference.

Digitalisation represents one of the most powerful and universal tools we have to tackle climate change and reduce global emissions. Together with Norrsken we will exchange knowledge to innovate, digitalise and scale-up solutions to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society

– Jonas Gustavsson, CEO, AFRY.

How will Norrsken Foundation support?

Norrsken is a non-profit foundation, supporting entrepreneurs that solve our greatest challenges, such as poverty, famine, environmental issues, mental health, and integration.

Norrsken supports entrepreneurs in two ways. The first is through a co-working space for 450 impact entrepreneurs in Stockholm. The second is through a VC fund backed by unicorn founders, which invests in companies with the potential to radically improve the world. In 2021, The Norrsken Foundation opened The Norrsken Foundation Kigali, East Africa's largest hub for entrepreneurs.

AFRY’s experts will help entrepreneurs at Norrsken by providing deep insights into sustainability and digitalisation. Entrepreneurs at Norrsken will be involved in AFRY’s ecosystem of customers, partners, and employees to fuel ideas and innovative new business models.

The collaboration

The collaboration focuses on two areas:

  1. Focus on how to accelerate the digital skills and opportunities among the entrepreneurs as well as to
  2. Deep dive into food and life-science projects

AFRY will support the entrepreneurs at Norrsken in solving the world’s greatest challenges. Another long-term spin-off is that together we wish to inspire top talents to enter into an impactful career

Erik Engellau-Nilsson, CEO, Norrsken Foundation.

The collaboration in summary

  • AFRY's experts will offer the Norrsken entrepreneurs mentorship and support within sustainability and digitalisation.
  • The Norrsken entrepreneurs will be introduced to AFRY’s ecosystem of customers, partners, and employees to fuel innovation and new business models.
  • We believe inclusion and diversity will support us in succeeding together with talents who share the same ambitions.


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Image: Norrsken Foundation
Norrsken House in Stockholm is Europe's biggest hub for impact and tech entrepreneurs. An office space for entrepreneurs with a vision to make the world a better place.

Impact Week 2022

As of Sep 6-14, our partner Norrsken arranges Stockholm Impact Week, bringing together impactful and influential startups, talents, investors, business leaders, and policymakers. The purpose is to shed light on global challenges and the solutions to address them.

One big happening during the week is the announcement of this year’s Impact100 winner. Impact100 is an annual list of the world’s most promising impact startups, and the prize ceremony will be hosted by His Royal Highness Prince Daniel of Sweden.

Read more about Stockholm Impact Week: 

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About Norrsken

The Norrsken Foundation supports entrepreneurs who solve our biggest challenges, such as poverty, hunger, environmental issues, mental health, and integration. The Norrsken Foundation is a non-religious, non-profit foundation founded in 2016 by Niklas Adalberth. Norrsken runs the award-winning Norrsken House in Stockholm, where 450 impact-tech entrepreneurs work, as well as a €100 million VC fund and five internal initiatives: Klarity, Osmond Labs, Impact Week, 29k, and Action Against Corona. In 2021, Norrsken Foundation opened a unit in Kigali, Rwanda – East Africa's largest hub for entrepreneurs.

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Sustainability at AFRY

Sustainability is part of AFRY’s business strategy and a prerequisite for AFRY’s business as a whole. We connect technologies to create sustainable progress for you.