Green light in the forest of north part of Sweden

Aurora Line for the northern industrial green energy transition

Strengthening the transmission network and increasing the electricity trading capacity between Sweden and Finland by 40–45 per cent

Bolstering the Swedish electricity grid is crucial for enabling a rapid and effective green industrial transition in Northern Sweden. The Aurora Line, a new 400 kV alternating current transmission line that will run between Messaure in Sweden and Pyhänselkä in Finland, is one of the key projects that will contribute to this transition and to a more efficient cross-border electricity transmission. AFRY has provided detailed planning and technical services for the construction of 90 km of the Aurora Line in Sweden.

The Swedish electricity grid is facing major challenges as society electrifies, with Energiföretagen's latest report projecting a doubling of annual electricity consumption by 2045. Many large industries are transitioning to electrify their operations and decarbonise their manufacturing processes, and this will require a major increase in the energy supply. To enable all of this, existing power lines and substations need to be expanded in both countries.

The Aurora Line is a pivotal project to accelerate the industrial energy transition in the northern regions of Sweden and Finland as it will strengthen the electrical transmission network, making it more secure and flexible.

380 km through Finland and Sweden

Svenska kraftnät, together with the Finnish TSO Fingrid, are collaborating on the construction of the Aurora Line, which is designed as a 400 kV AC transmission line stretching for a total of 380 km, of which about 180 km are in Sweden. This project, when completed, is expected to boost the transmission and trading capacity of electricity between Sweden and Finland by 40–45 per cent, thereby enhancing security of supply and contributing to a more efficient utilisation of the electricity system, improved balance regulation and reserve capabilities. It is expected to become operational by 2025.

Northern lights shimmering over a darkened landscape
Aurora Line
enabling a sustainable industrial energy transition in Northern Sweden

Detailed planning of the transmission line in Sweden

During the first phase, AFRY together with Svenska kraftnät carried out a detailed planning of the first 90 km between Messaure and Dockasberg. This included the precise planning and placement of the power line, selection of appropriate towers, as well as detailed tower design. AFRY has also conducted ground surveys for the line. As the project advances to construction phase, AFRY will continue to provide technical advice and work closly with Svenska kraftnät and the contractors.

Nora Kronvall is a project manager at AFRY and has been responsible for leading, planning and coordinating the project team.

Nora kronvall
Beneficial to the entire Nordic electricity market
"The Aurora Line will enable the green industrial transition in the north and will increase the trading capacity between Sweden and Finland."
- Nora Kronvall

Project of common European interest

On 5 October 2023, the government granted a network concession for the Aurora Line allowing Svenska kraftnät to commence construction of the line in Sweden. This project has been recognised by the European Commission as a “project of common interest”, underlining its critical role in the common European electricity market.