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When you know better – you do better

AFRY and Gapminder share knowledge and promote a more fact-based worldview.

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Take the UN Goals Test!

Gapminder has launched the UN Goals Test to address misconceptions about the biggest challenges of our time.

Survey shows little or no knowledge of UN’s global goals for sustainable development

Experts from AFRY have supported Gapminder in developing their new UN Goals Test. The initial studies of the test confirm that ignorance is widespread. Respondents in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark answered 18 questions related to the Sustainable Development Goals. The results show widespread misconceptions – 8 out of 10 answers given were incorrect.

The results are super, super bad. The whole idea of creating this test is actually trying to make people understand that they are much more wrong about the world than they think

– Anna Rosling Rönnlund

If we are to succeed in accelerating the sustainable transformation of society, wide-ranging cooperation is needed to raise knowledge levels. That’s why we are highlighting the importance of a fact-based worldview based on science

– Jonas Gustavsson, CEO of AFRY

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AFRY + Gapminder

Gapminder and AFRY have a common goal: to identify misconceptions and raise awareness of the significant challenges of our time. By doing so we want to make the world a better place.

We offer knowledge from our areas of expertise and together we will address the sustainable development goals set by the UN.

As part of this collaboration, a new knowledge test has been developed with questions about sustainable development. The purpose of the test is to increase the general knowledge of social, economical, and environmental sustainability.

When you know better – you do better.
AFRY x Gapminder Jonas Gustavsson and Anna Rosling Rönnlund
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About the collaboration

AFRY and Gapminder Foundation identifies, highlights and addresses common global misconceptions.

AFRY and Gapminder identify misconceptions pertaining to the major societal issues of our time and increase public knowledge of our world and global development.

The global situation over the past six months has clearly shown how important it is that we have the correct knowledge when making decisions - and the need for a fact-based worldview is greater than ever. But making the right decision is also about showing courage, for example by continuing to work for sustainable development even in times like these, when everything comes to a head.

says Jonas Gustavsson, CEO of AFRY.

From the outset, it has been at the core of Gapminder's business to make statistics and data more accessible and easier to understand and provide more people with better knowledge of our world. Developing fact-based questions to test the public with is one tool to achieve this, and identify common misconceptions.

Gapminder's first knowledge test with 13 questions on global development has been used by over 1 million people around the world. Gapminder is producing several new tests within various subject areas linked to sustainable global development.

Through the collaboration with AFRY and others, a test has been developed, containing questions related to sustainability within AFRY's areas of expertise, such as climate, energy, and infrastructure. Experts at AFRY have identified subject areas, fact-checked materials, and provided advice and explanations.

Through our tests we have shown that there is widespread common misconceptions about the world we live in - that people not only lack knowledge but also have incorrect information about basic global trends and proportions. Most of us have an overly dramatic world view, which means that we often think things are worse than they actually are. This is a problem, as it makes it difficult to make good decisions. We hope our tests can help people become aware of these views and eager to re-learn and in this way promote a more fact-based worldview.

says Anna Rosling Rönnlund, co-founder of the Gapminder Foundation.


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AFRY + Gapminder
Jonas Gustavsson and Anna Rosling Rönnlund

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About Gapminder

Gapminder is an independent Swedish foundation which fights devastating misconceptions about global development.

Gapminder has as its aim the promotion of a more fact-based worldview.

Our worldview these days is often over-dramatized and distorted because of media, widely spread opinions, and the fact that the human brain craves for drama. But for the first time in history, reliable data exists, about almost everything, and through this, a very different picture appears.

It achieves this by measuring ignorance about the world, making global data easy to understand, and providing courses and certificates. It was founded in 2005 by professor Hans Rosling, his son Ola Rosling and daugther-in-law Anna Rosling Rönnlund.

AFRY is now a proud partner, contributing our knowledge and facts.

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