Amanda Speak

Career Story - Amanda Spaak

Amanda Spaak works as an energy analyst at our Gothenburg office. Below she provides her experience of working at AFRY.

What is your role at AFRY and what is your professional background?

I am working as an energy analyst within AFRY Management Consulting, located at the Gothenburg office. I have previous experience within management consulting, mostly focused on supply chain and operations. As for my educational background, I hold an M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, with a focus on energy, strategy and management.

What do you enjoy about working for AFRY Management Consulting?

A lot of things! But to name a few: the feeling of contributing to such an important area as the energy transition, the variety of exciting projects and clients, the inspiring and knowledgeable group of people that I get to work with, and last but not least, the strong emphasis that we have on the well-being of our team. I really feel privileged to be part of a team with such healthy cultural values and that works actively in securing those.

Amanda Speak

If you had to tweet about your job in 120 characters, what would you say?

“Working together in teams of inspiring individuals, to support clients in how to navigate the energy transition”

Which of the AFRY values Brave, Devoted & Team Player resonates with you most and why?

I would say Team Player resonates the most with me, as I thrive when I get to work in a team to collaboratively solve problems, support each other and help each other grow by exchanging experiences and knowledge. I also think it is integral to actively consider our own role in being a good team player, to do what we can to contribute to a sustainable workplace.

When did your work at AFRY allow you to contribute towards Making future?

I would argue that all my work at AFRY Management Consulting allows me to contribute towards Making future, as the core of what we do is to support actors to address challenges and opportunities related to the transformation of the energy sector. In other words, we are Making future by accelerating change towards a more sustainable world.