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Sustainable building

AFRYs solutions for sustainable building

Today, we are building more and more sustainably and in recent years the requirements have become increasingly stricter. The driving forces are high demand in the market as well as a strong desire to contribute to a sustainable society. At AFRY, we have consultants who are experts in finding the best solutions for sustainable building.

At AFRY, we work with both environmental coordination and energy coordination for both new and existing buildings at all stages, from early idea sketches to implementation and management. We act as requirement makers, advisors and boards to find the best and most profitable solution for the project together with the customer. We are responsible for ensuring that the set requirements and goals are achieved through coordination in all project phases.

AFRY has specialists with experience in most of the environmental certification, from energy and materials to acoustics, daylight, heating systems and ventilation. We use every opportunity to maximize the property's potential.

Within Sustainable Construction, one of Sweden's largest expert groups in renewable energy also works. In projects where the customer wants to implement a renewable energy system, we cooperate from an early stage in investigating possible solutions, and also offer inspection and follow-up of plants.

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