Vehicle integration

Vehicle Integration

From customer expectations to component specification

A vehicle is a result of compromises and Vehicle Integration is in the middle of it. It’s neither a challenge nor an opportunity - it is both.

The rapid transformation of the vehicle market, towards Autonomous vehicles and Electromobility with the corresponding new requirements, creates a new landscape for the integration engineers. Consumer tests and regulations around the world are continuously changing which often results in contradicting design requirements, making it challenging to develop vehicles for a global market.

The automotive manufacturers today have to put more products faster to the market using shorter vehicle development time and also face significant challenges in vehicle design optimisation.

Based on decades of experience of vehicle integration, AFRY has the know-how and ability to lead all levels of attribute development; from benchmarking, concept studies and requirements setting to product development and validation.

At AFRY, CAE driven development is a natural way of working, when integrating attributes in our client vehicle projects.

Our expertise includes:
  • HMI
  • Aero & Thermodynamics
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Noise & Vibration
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Energy Management
Elisabeth Öhrn - COO Automotive Design & Engineering
Elisabeth Öhrn
COO Automotive Design & Engineering

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