Young Danes: These are the challenges for future cities

According to Danish people aged 18-35, social inequality, overpopulation and climate changes are the greatest challenges for future cities, shows a large cross-European survey that YouGov have conducted for AFRY.

Tangible issues such as access to cafés, clean water and private life are not among the greatest challenges of future cities for young people in Denmark. They are much more concerned with serious issues affecting all of us. A new survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of AFRY shows that one third of young Danes think that social inequality (33 %) will be the greatest challenge in future cities – closely followed by overpopulation (32 %) and climate changes (31 %).

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”The results tell us, that we will have to make an effort in building cities with room for everyone, and where we incorporate measures to combat climate changes. The UN predicts that 70 % of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050, but at the same time cities account for 70 % of greenhouse gas emissions. That means we have a great task ahead of us in developing buildable and sustainable solutions for the future cities,” says Thomas Dalsgaard Hoff, Director of Business Unit Buildings in AFRY Denmark.

Not the first, but the best solutions

While social inequality and overpopulation are issues, that are mainly regulated by governments, it’s also possible to partake in reducing the climate changes by recycling components and using sustainable building materials – and adding digital solutions for some extra spice, if you ask Thomas Dalsgaard Hoff:

“The survey also shows that sustainable building materials are an important factor for young people when they’re asked to describe their ideal future house. And we know that the concept of smart buildings is here to stay. We are keeping up with the developments in more areas than one – for instance by using wood instead of steal and using concrete in constructions, when possible. And we’re also working a great deal with HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and electricity management to be able to monitor buildings and their energy usage. The digital possibilities are developing rapidly, and I believe we have a great responsibility in making sure to implement the best solutions – not necessarily the ones that are developed first,” he emphasizes.

What do you consider the biggest challenges for future cities?

The Future Cities survey was conducted in Denmark by YouGov for AFRY. A total of 752 representatively chosen respondents participated in the survey, which took place in the period between August 23rd and September 2nd, 2021.


Thomas Dalsgaard Hoff - Business Unit Director, Buildings (Denmark)

Thomas Dalsgaard Hoff

Business Unit Director, Buildings (Denmark)

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